Syrian Army eradicate terrorists in Homs and its Countryside

The countryside side of Homs is still considered a hot area where the city witnessed a relative calm in the past few days.

Breaking News correspondent reported that Talkalakh area has witnessed severe clashes between Syrian Army Units and militants.

The armed conflicts resulted in the death of 6 terrorists and the injury of others.

A number of Syrian soldiers get injured as well, in addition to a civilian’s injury recorded in Al-Khadra village.

Syrian security forces set up an ambush against terrorists in Al-Nizaria village.

The ambush resulted in the death of 6 terrorists named of them Farhan, Muhammad and Khalaf Al-Hussein and Hassan Hamdan.

Large amount of weapons have been confiscated, including machineguns, rifles and communication devices.

In Qusair neighborhoods, Syrian Arab Army clashed with terrorist group.

The clashes resulted in killing more than 10 terrorists and the injuries of many others.

In the same context, our correspondent said that armed conflicts took place in Al-Ghanto area located near Qusair.

The armed confrontations between Syrian Army soldiers and the gunmen resulted in killing large numbers of the last and sizing their arms.

Moreover, insurgents attack checkpoints for law enforcement forces in Al-Qusair area, where clashes occurred in Talbeseh and Rastan areas.

In Homs City, the Syrian security forces have found a tunnel linked Al-Qarabees neighborhood with Al-Qusour.

The tunnel was used to transport weapons and the injured armed men.

In conclusion, the Syrian Army’s progress advances slowly in Al-Warsha, Al-Khaldia, Al-Qusour and Jouret Al-Shayah.

The slow progress is related to heavy spread of snipers on buildings’ roofs and the booby-trapped buildings and bombing them.

Source: Breaking News




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