Syria: Screen shots of the stories Reuters took down

Thanks you to Syriangirl Partisan for making those screen shots!

The fact that REUTERS decided to remove those articles, prove how biased and propagandistic western mainstream media is. Indeed, their first reports containing a glimpse of truth since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, were removed just a few hours after being posted. In another attempt to hide the truth and mislead public opinion.

Rebels preparing to smuggle Ghaddafi’s chemical weapons into Syria via Turkey

Rebel resistance collapses in key suburbs 1/2

Rebel resistance collapses in key suburbs 2/2

One comment on “Syria: Screen shots of the stories Reuters took down

  1. Western media is biased and propagandistic because it belongs to billionaries or even trillionaries. If you google “Who owns Reuters?” the answers that come up are The Rothschilds. You go to Wikipedia, for example, to confirm, and it doesn’t say anything about it. However, it seems to be true.
    Pehr G. Gyllenhammar M.Sc. Law
    Vice Chairman of European Unit and Senior Advisor of Rothschild Group worldwide, N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
    Chairman of The Board Reuters Founders Share Company Ltd.
    If the Rothschilds control Reuters, as seems to be the case, then Reuters has no credibility whatsoever. Sometimes they will give us the truth and sometimes they won’t, according to their needs. In this case it seems that they made the mistake of giving the truth against their interests and they had it removed.

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