Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey have Syrians’ blood on their hands: Iranian general

TEHRAN – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces has accused Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey of taking measures that help advance the warmongering policies of the United States in Syria.

“Al Saud, Qatar, and Turkey are responsible for the blood being shed on Syrian soil,” Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said in Tehran on Monday.
He added, “This is not an appropriate precedent that neighboring countries of Syria contribute to the belligerent purposes of the Great Satan the United States.
“If these countries have accepted such a precedent, they must be aware that after Syria, it will be the turn of Turkey and other countries.”
Firouzabadi also stated, “God forbid that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar become victims of promoting the terrorism of Al-Qaeda, and we warn our friends about this.”
Source: Tehran Times

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