UN chief refuses to condemn Iranian pilgrims’ abduction

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has refused to condemn the abduction of 48 Iranians kidnapped by insurgents near the Syrian capital Damascus, Press TVreports.

When asked about the kidnapping, Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman Martin Nesirky told reporters on Monday that “I don’t have anything at the moment.”

On Saturday, 48 Iranian pilgrims, who were traveling on a bus from Damascus International Airport to the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (AS) on the outskirts of Damascus, were abducted by insurgents.

Unconfirmed media reports said three of 48 Iranian pilgrims abducted by insurgents have been killed.

Press TV asked Nesirky if Ban might somehow intervene before more hostages are killed. “I think it’s obvious that there are a number of players involved in this already and I don’t think I want to go to any more details at this point,” he said.

The insurgents had claimed that the hostages are members of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) by simply referring to their military discharge cards.

An informed official at Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday vehemently dismissed the reports by certain Arabic-language news networks that the Iranian pilgrims were military members.

Source: Press TV 




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