Do these government records reveal Obama’s false flag event?

By James Smith, Activist Post

Recently, Tennessee state Rep. Kelly Keisling (R-Byrdstown) sent out an email from his state email account to his constituents with a concern that Obama and the Department of Homeland Security are planning events leading to “martial law”.

Theories are only theories until facts allow them to be worked into being real. Two such theories are of evolution and creation. Neither can be called factual until one of them actually takes place.

Such is the animal known as “Conspiracy Theory”. Often whispered in the dark over a few beers as the fire in the camp fire goes out, or screamed across the airwaves over the fruited plains.

But sometimes, very rarely, can conspiracy theories be proven. And Representative Keisling may be onto “Conspiracy Fact”.

Fact: The Department of Homeland Security is looking to hire Role Players for the TSA/Air Marshall program starting in December.

Fact: The last time the US Government hired Role Players was in late 2008 – and it was the US Army.

Fact: The Department of Homeland Security has not hired ANY role player, not even for the Air Marshal Program changed hands from US Border Patrol to DHS/TSA in October of 2005. At, search for the words Role Player in the advance find feature, and include archived documents. They only go back ten years.

Fact: As of October 2006, the number of FAM (Federal Air Marshal) was in the thousands. Training should be paramount when dealing with the lives of civilians.

While the requests made by DHS/TSA may be innocuous, many times in the past training exercises were used to mask the real event. Two such examples are the events surrounding 9/11, where a training exercise was being conducted on the same day for the same purpose. The second example was the Aurora Colorado shooting, where a theater in a nearby town was conducting training of a lone gunman opening fire on theater goers.

The following snippets were taken from PDF files from the TSA request for Role Players (RP). Click on the images to see the whole document in its entirety.

What are the Role Players supposed to do?

A troubling aspect of the training will be the fact of two items: They will be having simulated weapons and dressed in military garb and following a script developed by Homeland Security. Not the Department of Defense or a private contractor – the very people who are alleged that will create a false flag attack.

Where will this all take place? In Coppell and San Antonio Texas, and in New Jersey.

And another location was included:

When might this all happen? According to the solicitation, sixty days after the contract begins or approximately December 1, 2012.

While this puts it out of the potential time frame, it does not preclude the possibility that Martial Law could be declared, and as Mr. Obama is the head of the US Military, he could nullify all elections by the fiat of Executive Order.

And if history is our teacher, the attack on Pearl Harbor was warned about a full week prior to the attack, and no one did a thing.

Representative Keisling may have been right all along. Only time will tell if we have a tyrannical government, or a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

One comment on “Do these government records reveal Obama’s false flag event?

  1. There are approximately 3 guns per American citizen in the U.S.. Let them try marshall law that’s 900,000,000 guns. “From my dead cold hands”. Good luck pentagon. Civil war in America? A possibility. But I think were too busy with Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the ultimate goal: IRAN.. Maybe someday. Still a theory though. Just not well thought out.

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