5 comments on “H.A.A.R.P Targeting Iran Nuclear Reactors with Earthquakes

    • Absolutely agrred. The earth quakes in Turkey last year were HAARP too. Nothing the the U.S has done so far has worked to injure Iran, I dont really understand why they are so affraid of the nuclear weapons, I believe there is a bigger reason than that or the oil pass, I read the other day that the Heart chakra of the Earth is in Iran. Any way, they will not succed in attacking Iran, they haven’t even been able to succeed in Syria.

  1. 10 kilometers in depth is Haarp. All quakes in 10 kilometers are suspicious. I followed this on all 2011 and the pattern was always there. The current war we are in started long ago, big examples are Stutnex, The missile silo attacks from the stratosphere and who knows what else. The earkquakes in Turkey last year were also haarp. Iran will prevail and the ones behind the attacks will be destroyed by their own hand and actions. What goes around comes around and this is pay time. U.K will be destroyed, U.S will fall along. The heart chakra of the Earth in in Iran. The Syrian war didnt go as they planned and they have no control over Syria and wont have it. It is just a matter of time for the shadows to be lighted. The 5th fleet is affraid to go into the Persian Gulf because they know they’ll be whipped out, that would just be another Thermopilas. Dear dark lords, please, donot bring more destruction upon yourselves.

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