Muhammad Sadek Al Hussaini revealed info discussed between Iran & Syria

The Iranian strategic expert “Muhammad Sadek Al Hussaini”, revealed that the information, documents and papers accumulated by the Iranians,conveyed and discussed by the first man in the Iranian National Security in Tehran “Saeed Jalili” with the Syrians in details, stating that there is a US-NATO decision to turn Northern Syria into an “Al Qaeda” block in the face of the Russian and Chinese influence, similar to the days of fight against the Soviet influence in Afghanistan.. Along with the attempt to open another front against the growing Iranian influence on the base of what Iran calls “the Islamic awakening”, and the West call “The Arab Spring” after the failure of all the attempts of a foreign intervention against Syria.

Al Husseini confirmed that Jalili discussed with the Syrian command, the prospects of a Western dash toward igniting an open regional war prepared by the West and committed by Turkey to be as a”Trap” to Er

dogan’s government.

The strategic expert revealed that Jalili confirmed to president Assad Iran’s willingness to stand firmly and without any hesitation toward any plot to manipulate the Syrian national security, and the plan to overthrow Syria is considered by Iran as a direct threat to her national security, not just losing a resistant strategic ally.

Al hussaini stressed that Jalili confirmed to the Syrian command that the aggression will return to the enemy in the same level.

The Iranian expert quoted president Assad notifying the Iranian command that the potentials of the Syrian Arab army capable of defending Syria with the possibility of changing the rules of engagements in any moments basis the alliance coordination.

Al Hussaini said: “In case of any danger against the regional national security of the resistance, we will come to the enemy by Land, Sea and Air, and will fight an open battle so that not one soldier of the enemy will live to tell the world the results of this battle… ”

Article on Breaking News | شبكة عاجل الإخبارية
Translation: News About Syria – English

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