Syrian Army takes control over areas in Aleppo

Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army

Always in Aleppo, The Syrian Arab Army continues in cleansing the city of terrorism.

Media sources reported that the Syrian Army and after engaging in severe clashes, took control over al-A’damiah and al-Mashehad neighborhoods.

The armed conflict left large number of deaths and injuries among the terrorists of Free Army.

Sources indicated that the Syrian Army has confronted the militants attempting over again to attack the Central Prison and Aleppo Airport.

The armed confrontation resulted in leaving huge losses upon the insurgents’ ranks, and arresting others.

In Homs city, breaking news correspondent pointed out that the Syrian Arab Army has declared al-Shammas neighborhood a secure area, cleaned out of terrorism.

This has come after one-day clashes.

Our correspondent said that the Syrian forces could eradicate large numbers of the gunmen, arresting others, and confiscated a store for weapons and ammunition.

The reporter added that an armed group has attacked checkpoints for the Syrian Army in al-Nizaria village of Homs Countryside, what resulted in killing and wounding many militants.

Engineering Units of the Syrian Arab Army dismantled two explosive charges, which weight around 30-40 Kg, in Qusair area.

Also, the Syrian security forces have found three unidentified decadent bodies.

Breaking News Correspondent reported that a number of martyrs have arrived into the National Hospital of Homs, as around 20 injuries as well have been arrived there.

Source: Breaking news




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