Syrian Army takes over Saif al-Dawleh in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army gets ready for the next battle in al-Sukari neighborhood.

This battle is to be challenge to the Syrian Army Units to enter such neighborhood, in which is considered the second main Stronghold for the militants.

The first mission has started and accomplished since the entering of Salah el-Din and putting a closure to the armed groups in the western neighborhood of Aleppo, paving the way into the Eastern areas.

So, the Syrian Army Units, and since two days ago, has launched a qualified operation to demolish the gunmen from Saif al-Dawleh neighborhood.

The very neighborhood has been a center for the militants to barricade in.
Al-Watan Newspaper indicated that the Syrian Army controls over the most points in Saif al-Dawleh, besieging other points despite the resistance of the snipers seen heavily on the roofs of buildings. Moreover, Syrian Army Units could destroy 7 vehicles mounted by heavy machineguns.

Clashes as well have taken place between the Syrian soldiers and insurgents in al-Sukari and al-Bab Road neighborhoods.

Other qualified operations for the Syrian Arab Army continue in al-Shaar and al-Sakhour.

Media Sources have reported that the Syrian Army could destroy 21 cars that were equipped with machineguns.

The cars were trying to reach Aleppo, specifically Kafar Hamra village.

An exclusive source told Breaking News Network that an explosive charge gets detonated near the Ugarit Cinema on Wednesday.

The source said that causalities have been recorded in the very incident.

No exact toll has been verified yet.

Moving to Edlib, our reporter there said that the Syrian Army Units are working on mopping-up orm al-Joz town.

The militants are being tracked down in the groves surrounding Sarmada village, Breaking News correspondent said.

He added that a field hospital has been found including a center used for tutoring the abductees, as many weapons, ammunition, Grenades and advanced communication devices have been confiscated.

Furthermore, the Syrian forces confronted and responded to an ambush set up by the militants on Bab al-Hawa Road, located near Hazana town.

The armed confrontations resulted in several injuries and deaths among the gunmen ranks, as a Captain of Syrian Army has been martyred, where 4 other officers get injured.

Our reported said that the Syrian security forces have chased insurgents near Saraqueb and clashed with them.

The clashes resulted in destroying two vehicles mounted by machineguns.

The correspondent concluded that the Engineering Units of Syrian Army have dismantled 10 explosive devices on Edlib – Saraqueb Road.

Source: Syria News

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