Ahmadinejad mocks some Arab kings

Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says he was surprised, during a recent summit in Saudi Arabia.

He said he was astonished to see the monarchs of certain countries speak of the need for reforms in Syria while their own rules were unpopular at home.

Referring to the recent meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Mecca, Ahmadinejad said “I was surprised in this summit to observe that the kings of some countries were speaking against Syria while the majority of their own people do not want them to rule.”

This is pretty hypocrite, he said.

The Iranian president made the comment with his Turkish counterpart, Abdullah Gul, on the sidelines of the OIC emergency meeting in Saudi Arabia.

During their meeting, Ahmadinejad underlined the inevitability of reforms but added, “I am of course waiting to see when these reforms will reach the other countries in the region.”

Killings and war cannot be employed to achieve reforms, the Iranian president pointed out.

Noting that all nations desire justice, freedom and respect, he emphasized that “no one can win by force,” and a government that comes to power by force cannot remain independent.

Source: Breaking News




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