Syrian Rebel Cheerfully Admits To War Crimes

Al-Qaeda in Syria

Written by Brit Dee
Thursday, 16 August 2012

In an extraordinary interview a member of the Free Syrian Army has cheerfully admitted to summarily executing a gravely injured man, accused without trial of being a Shabiha militia sniper loyal to Bashar al-Assad.

Yaman Hamoud – an assistant in a Dubai GAP clothing store before his return home to Aleppo to take up arms against the Syrian government – recounts how his squad arrested an injured man “disguised as a woman”, who had approached their checkpoint after mistaking it for a government-held post.

According to Hamoud, he and his cohorts asked their commander if they could immediately kill the man, but were told to instead take him to hospital for treatment.

Doctors at the hospital said that the man would die of his wounds within a couple of days – but when he didn’t, Hamoud’s squad commander agreed to the injured man’s execution. Hamoud disturbingly recalls how

“We took him to the graveyard, where there was a hole in the ground,” he said, laughing. His confession was entirely unprompted. “We shot him. He fell.”

The leader who authorised the execution is believed to working for Hajji Mari, the military commander leading the rebels in Aleppo. His men were responsible for recently executing four Shabiha leaders whose brutal killings were filmed and posted on the internet. Mari claimed that the men had been tried by a panel of six judges and found guilty of murder, though the likelihood of a kangaroo court is clearly very high.

It does not appear that the man executed by Yaman Hamoud experienced even the pretence of a kangaroo court.

That Syrian rebels are apparently killing seriously injured men without any kind of due process is unsurprising, however, considering the widely acknowledged fact that many of them are actually allied to Al Qaeda.

Source: Resist Radio

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