Syrian Army prepares to enter al-Sukari neighborhood of Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army units continue their mop-up operation from terrorists in Aleppo’s neighborhoods.

Clashes occurred between Syrian Army and gunmen in Bolus crossing and al-Hadada lane of al-Jdeideh area.

An official source confirmed that the armed conflicts resulted in the death of two terrorist snipers and the arrest of many others.

Adding that engineering units of Syrian Army have dismantled explosive charges in al-Hatab square.

Media source pointed that Syrian Army is about to enter al-Sukari neighborhood; the second center for the militants in Aleppo.

Adding that Syrian Army units have done unique military operation in the very neighborhood, what prepares them to enter it.

Breaking News correspondent in Homs confirmed that Syrian border guards were able to confront infiltration attempt by insurgents from Lebanon through Talkalakh countryside.

The clashes resulted in large deaths of the gunmen and the escape of the others back to Lebanon.

Our correspondent reported that militants infiltrated to Baba Amr neighborhood.

Adding that snipers deployed in al-Sultania and Jobar, where the militants despoiled in Deir Ba’abla after they infiltrated to it from al-Rastan, al-Sa’en and Talbiseh.

According to Breaking News confirmations, the insurgents are attempting to infiltrate to safe areas.

Breaking News correspondent in Homs said that the center of Homs was calm and no clashes were heard.

In Edlib, Breaking News correspondent reported that Syrian border guards have killed militants who infiltrated from Turkey to Harem and caused them huge losses

An explosion was heard this dawn near the Daughter of the Martyrs school of al-Mazza area in Damascus mountain; resulted in 2 martyrdoms and 4 injuries.

Source: Breaking News

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