Iran to build new missile defence base

The events around Syria dramatically increase the danger of an attack against Iran and force it to strengthen its security. Such was Russian experts’ comment on Tehran’s announcement about the beginning of the construction of a large missile defence base in the south of the country.

Iran is suffering from acute budget deficit due to the oil embargo. Nevertheless, it is allocating $300mln to build this facility, which is a huge sum in its current situation. Earlier, though, one of Iran’s high military officials declared that the existing facilities and missile defence systems of the country were completely prepared to repel any attacks from the air.

The construction of a new missile defence base could mean that Iran is preparing for a possible attack against it in connection with the escalation of tension around Syria, analyst of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Research of the Institute if Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Dolgov told the Voice of Russia.

“Iran is a global player at present. It is playing a very important role in the events around Syria. Barack Obama explicitly announced recently that the US could deliver a military blow on Syria and begin an armed intervention. Iran, on its part, has repeatedly declared that it would defend Syria. So the construction of a missile defence base is a military and political response. Libya is a good proof of the fact that at present all attacks in the course of armed conflicts start with hitting missile defence systems. Hence, Iran’s response is absolutely adequate.”

In this connection, expert of the Centre for Iranian Research of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Irina Fedorova mentions that Syria remains Iran’s last and only ally in the region. Thus, the danger of an attack against it is growing every day while military scenarios of solving the Syrian crisis are becoming more and more real, Irina Fedorova believes. She also drew our attention to Israel’s recent threats to deliver preventive blows on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel justifies this by having intelligence information that Iran could obtain nuclear weapons already in spring next year.

“The use of military force against Iran is most frequently considered by Israeli and US leaders. They believe that the last straw which would trigger this operation against Iran would be either Iran’s real proximity to creating a nuclear bomb or its sealing off the Strait of Hormuz. I’d like to stress that the entire situation in the Middle East testifies to the growing danger of an armed conflict. Naturally, Iran is trying to do its best to raise its security and strengthen its armed forces.”

Iran’s adversaries are also trying to adequately respond to the threats to annihilate Israel and close the Strait of Hormuz. Israel, for example, estimates that a war against Iran could last for a month. The Iron Dome and Hetz systems that are considered a reliable shield against Iranian missiles have been alerted. The US Navy is preparing to struggle against Iranian mines in the Persian Gulf and is carrying out manoeuvres there, practising destruction of mine fields in case of a war against Iran. Tehran keeps threatening to seal off the Strait of Hormuz which is the transportation channel for over 20% of oil produced in the world. For this reason, the smallest provocation from either side could result in missile attacks against each other.

Source: Voice of Russia

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