Syrian Arab Army advances in Homs

Breaking News network correspondent to Homs reported that hundreds of gunmen gathered in al-Sutanieh neighborhood and opened fire on checkpoints for the Syrian Army.

The militants were attempting to infiltrate once more to Baba Amro.

Our reporter added that the Syrian Army and security forces have raided on dens for the insurgents in al-Qusair Countryside.

Scores of the militants were killed as their weapons were confiscated.

Always in Homs, the Syrian border guards foiled infiltration attempts for militants, from Lebanon into Syrian territories through the illegal crosses situated in Talkalakh countryside.

A number of the gunmen got arrested where the arrest had escaped back.
The reporter indicated that explosions appeared in al-Khaldia, Warsha and al-hamedia neighborhoods.

She added that the Syrian Arab Army is advancing in these neighborhoods as the Syrian forces raid on dens and seize large amount of weapons and communication devices.

The correspondent said the militants are trying to infiltrate into the safe villages of Homs countryside, as Dair Baalba, Kafar Laha town and Shien village.

Source: Breaking News




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