Syrian Army soldiers kill scores of Gunmen in Endan of Aleppo


Breaking News

Breaking News Correspondent to Homs reported that Syrian security forces have tracked down an armed group in Karm al-Shami neighborhood and al-Midan St.

Clashes took place between the both sides.
No further details or a toll have been recorded so far.

The correspondent added that heavy explosions appeared from al-Khaledia neighborhood.

In Homs Countryside, fierce armed conflicts have been fired out between the Syrian Arab Army and gunmen.

The clashes took place in Talbeseh and al-Rastan and resulted in large number of deaths among the insurgents.

Moving to Aleppo, our correspondent there has confirmed that Units of the Syrian Arab Army have carried out a qualified operation in Endan of Aleppo outskirts.

The mission resulted in killing large numbers of the militants and destroying their armored vehicles.

Furthermore, media sources indicated that severe armed confrontations appeared in the area surrounding the Faculty of Science, located in Saif al-Dawleh and al-Izaa neighborhood.

No information’s recorded any toll yet.

In Deir al-Zour, Syrian security forces clashed with an armed group near Ghasan Aboud roundabout.

The security forces could kill a number of terrorists including Majed al-Hussein.

Finally, a bunch of gunmen have been eliminated during clashes in al-Mwazfeen neighborhood, known of them Bader al-Basry.

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