From Petri Krohn refuting a western ‘journalist’:
Liz Sly got busted today!

She was tweeing like mad about “Assad crimes” in Daraya :

Liz Sly ‏@LizSly
‘Disturbing pics emerging of mass killings in Damascus subrb Daraya after govt offensive,fits a pattern, up to 200 dead’

Liz Sly ‏@LizSly
‘More horrific videos of the Daraya killings tdy. Looks like the biggest massacre yet in Syria’

What the videos in fact show, is fighting age man collected into morgues, evidently FSA fighters killed in combat. This may have been a good day for the Syrian Arab Army, but I would not call it a “massacre.”

The slam-on-your-face rebuttal comes in the Syrian Addounia TV news today. They broadcast a 13 minute report with a female reporter doing interviews in Daraya / Darya in the rural area outside Damascus. This is one of the most surreal reports I have seen from Syria. The aftermath of a REAL massacre. Executed people all over town, dead and half-dead women and children between gravestones at a graveyard. The video leaves not doubt to who is responsible for these executions, FSA and the Islamist al Qaeda among them.

In one section (7:57) they enter the temporary morgue set up at what may be a marketplace. The very same bodies are shown as on the FSA video used as “proof” by Liz Sly. A local explains in Arabic: These FSA fighters have come from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is notable that on both videos we see signs that someone has tried to burn the bodies. This has been claimed to be standard operating procedure of FSA in case of foreign fighters. (I have seen many other examples.) By burning them it becomes impossible to identify them and know their country of origin. Somehow, this reminds me of the claimed Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre.

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