French & US Intel Chemical Weapons False Flag In Syria Exposed

A meeting with Al Arabiya news channel manager and a US diplomat then with French & US intelligence plan to use chemical weapons on Syrians and accuse the Syrian Army for it. The long anticipated and exposed consumed False Flag…
A Saudi company has already arranged for 1,400 ambulance cars equipped with chemical and poisonous gas filtering system for swift military intervention when needed…!

A public spontaneous Revolution or a NATO covert military intervention with NATO mainstream media coverage?!
You decide

Shabbiha Al-Assad10:48pm Aug 28
Guys, democracy is about to arrive in Syria from Turkey by ambulances with ventilation systems carrying chemical weapons, you ready :]]] ?

5 comments on “French & US Intel Chemical Weapons False Flag In Syria Exposed

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  2. Amazes me Syria thinks they can just win this war and it will all go away. Syria getting bombed either way, and getting framed for using Bio weapons either way. IMO, get the first shot in and make it count, beats getting framed and bombed into oblivion before you have a chance to hit back.

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