Brian Sayers lobbyist for International Law Violator – Syrian Support Group – speaks on BBC


In total Violation of International law & UN Charter, the SSG keeps asking for funds to finance terrorists fighting in Syria


As previously reported, the so called “Syrian Support Group” is in total violation of the UN Charter and International law. Still, it sends its lobbyists on TV to distort the truth, and convince people that Bashar Al Assad must be brought down. Though, as usual, they fail to mention that the vast majority of the Syrian people want Bashar Al Assad to remain in power. They also fails to explain who are the men fighting against the legitimate Syrian government. They also fail in explaining the chaos they’re bringing about, the suffering, the destruction, the psychological consequences, and more…

This video is another blatant proof of western double standard and absolute disregard for international law.

It seems incredible to me that Brian Sayers explains quietly, all dressed up, how the group he is representing is fomenting an illegal coup d’etat in Syria. And once he’s done, leaves the studio and goes back to raising funds to implement an international plot against a sovereign nation. He won’t get arrested. He will not be convicted of any crime. The International Criminal Court will never try to get him arrested (USA not being a member of the ICC, but still…). UN won’t blame him. Nato will applaud him.

In a very strict and fair respect of International Law and the UN charter, if Brian Sayers was in court saying the very same things he says in the above video, he would get sentenced to life !

But this is the WESTERN WORLD, LAND OF FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY… He is and will remain free while our Syrian brothers keep dying under foreign (GCC / USA / israHell / EU / Turkey / Western puppets) backed terrorists.






5 comments on “Brian Sayers lobbyist for International Law Violator – Syrian Support Group – speaks on BBC

  1. brian sayers (vomit) this is a war mongering nutter!!!! we should not give this rat air time. This smart arse will lie through his back teeth to justify the murder he supports he. I’am none regilous I hope this peace of Vomit does go to hell

  2. This is the biggest joke of an article. Clearly some member of the evil Syrian regime wrote this piece with one goal: to diffuse the spread of truth. I cringe when I read that Brian Sayers has violated international law. What about Bashar Al Assad?? Murdering his own people without thinking twice. Please, do us all a favor, the next time you write an article don’t let your ignorant views ooze out after every sentence.

    • Dear Rank “Brainwashed” Tahhan,
      I wrote this piece and I am not a member of the Syrian Regime.

      Assad murdering his people? Where did you get this info? Zionist mainstream media? Yes for sure. They have no reliable proofs to back their claims of “genocide”.

      Furthermore, I strongly suggest you to find “International Law 101” papers, so you can understand how Brian Sayers is INDEED BLATANTLY BREACHING INTERNATIONAL LAW by interfering in an internal conflict.
      You can also go find the UN Charter and learn how foreign interference is forbidden.

      I truly hope you’ll have the courage to go check what I suggested and hence realize that YES, the US is once again disregarding international law and once again creating a humanitarian crisis through terrorism, destruction and death.

      Worst Regards to you

  3. MKERone,
    You are sadly uninformed. You also seem to be very alone in your opinion when one views all the news in all media forms. It is clear to any sensible, logical person that Assad must be eliminated, not let go to live his life comfortably somewhere else, but publicly killed. He is akin to Hitler and seems totally dillusional. It is only a matter of time before people everywhere see that he and his governemnt are murderers and only care about their own power and greed.


    • Dear Nancy

      I usually do not waste my time replying to this type of comment.

      Though, let me tell you that YOU are misinformed. And you’ve just proven it.
      If you really were informed you would know that “all the news in all media forms” is wrong. Tons of media in all forms report the contrary of what you seem to learn with what you consider as “all the news in all media forms”.
      You just need to go on Pravda, Russia Today, Al Manar, Press TV, Fars News, Asia Times, Ria Novosti etc… and thousands of blogs belonging to historians, journalists, etc… such as Webster Tarpley, Tony Cartalucci, Dean Henderson…


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