Syria: Terrorists massacred citizens in Zamalka, slaughtered women and children

UPI News agency has quoted a Syrian official source that Terrorists have abducted a group of citizens including women and children.

The source said that they have slaughtered around 20 persons in front of the residents of Zamalka town, located near Damascus.

The terrorists have laid the bodies in the mosque of al-Shiekh Askar, source added.

United Press International has reported that an armed terrorist group has abducted a group of citizens including women and children and massacred 20 personnel in public in Zamalka town.

The source added that the militants have put the corpses inside the mosque of al-Sheikh Askar in Zamalka and booby-trapped the surrounding area.

They set mortars near the mosque to fire on the close areas and on the Syrian Arab Army, the source continued saying.

The source considered such act as a provocation in which aims to force the Syrian Army to respond to the fires, bombing the booby-trapped mosque, then accuse the Syrian Arab Army of committing the massacre.

The source ended by saying that the bodies of the slaughtered people are still inside the mosque of Askar until now.

Source: Breaking News




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