Al-Halki: Confronting the Concept of Humanitarian Interference Poses Real Challenge for NAM

TEHRAN_ Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halki said that the Non-Aligned Movement has played a central role and achieved notable successes in international issues of concern to its member countries, especially ending colonialism, eliminating racial discrimination, the demilitarization and development.

In his speech at the 16 NAM Summit in Tehran, al-Halki said that the international community has agreed to combat the scourge of terrorism that is threatening stability in many countries, but defining terrorism and means of combating it have remained hostage to double-standard policies and political wrangling.

”Confronting the concept of humanitarian interference and the responsibility of protection pose a real challenge for the Non-Aligned Movement which was founded on deepening respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial safety of countries, equal sovereignty and non-interference in their internal affairs and the abstention from aggression, using or threatening force against them on the basis of peaceful settlement to conflicts,” Dr. al-Halki said.

He added that NAM’s self-assigned role on the international arena largely depends on the movement’s unity and the solidarity among its member countries, and its ability to address the standing international challenges.

Al-Halki: Syria is Targeted by Systematic Terrorist Attack backed by Foreign, Arab and Regional Countries

In an interview with al-Alam TV on Thursday on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit al-Halki said that Syria is targeted by systematic terrorist attack backed by foreign powers, especially the US, EU and, regrettably, Arab countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and regional countries, such as Turkey.

Al-Halki said ” the situation in Syria assumes a prominent position at Tehran Summit which we view with a lot of optimism considering the positive outcomes it will yield.”

He indicated that solving the crisis in Syria is based on the call for a national dialogue that engages all national political parties until reaching the outcome that the Syrian people aspire to and is put to a national referendum.

Answering a question on the speech of the Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi on Syria at the Summit, al-Halki said that Mursi’s speech is detached from reality and is an unacceptable interference in the Syrian internal affairs, adding that the speech runs contrary to the founding principles of NAM regarding respecting the sovereignty of countries.

Source: Champress




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