Al-Jafari: the camps in Turkey have converted into terroristic territories

Bashar al-Jafari

The UN permanent envoy in the UN Bashar al-Jafari said, “There is a hysterical obsess to target Syria and not to collaborate with Six Points’ plan”.

Al-Jafari added that violence cannot stop in Syria as long as some countries are still intervening in the internal Syrian business.
Al-Jafari wondered, “Why do some insist on working outside the UN and the Security Council?”.
Al-Jafari pointed that the real help for Syria depends on fixing the suffering’s reasons, especially the terrorism that the armed groups commit.
He added that Syria has welcomed millions of Arab and non-Arab refugees due to the abusive actions.
He also said that the refugees were treated kindly and like Syrians and were not put in barbed camps on the borders.
Al-Jafari speaking about France said, “We expect from France to make the procedures that remains the respect of the national charters”.
He also stressed that France has got information about the smuggling of weapons from some Arab countries to Syria.
Al-Jafari showed a document that contains about 170 names, nationalities and identification papers of Arab and foreign terrorists who were killed in Aleppo.
The Syria envoy pointed that some of the killed terrorists are Jordanians, Egyptians, Libyans and Lebanese.
Al-Jafari added that the closing of some of the Arab countries’ embassies in Syria is a reason not to show the real image of what is happening in Syria.
He called for the Moroccan minister to fix his relationships with the next-door countries and to remove the royal ritual.
Al-Jafari said, “I spent a while in France and learned the values of independent that say any outside intervention is denied”.
He added, “I have learned the international decree in France and I remember a concept that says; the symbols of the country must be respected, where by this I mean the president, so that is why I cannot criticize France and its ministers”
Al-Jafari accused the Turkish government for Syrian bloodshed and said, “Some camps in Turkey have become camps for terrorists and training lands for the gunmen to be sent to Syria”.
About the German embassy’s statement, al-Jafari said to the German embassy, “Who put you in charge to speak on the behalf of the Syrian people?”.
About the smuggling of weapons, al-Jafari ended his speech saying, “the ones who are smuggling weapons through Lebanon are political parties and not the Lebanese government, and the ship Lutfallah2 was followed by 7 other ships, loaded with weapons and heading to Syria”.

 Source: Breaking News

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