Al-Manar Publishes Information on Major Arrested for Arms Smuggling Attempt

Al-Manar TV broadcast details on Major Wissam Abdul Khaleq, who was arrested this week for buying arms to send them into Syria.

40-year-old Wissam Abdul Khaleq is from the Lebanese village, Majdal Anjar , and is married to a Palestinian woman.

Abdul Khaleq is the son of retired General Hussein Abdul Khaleq who was head of the cooperation and coordination office between the Lebanese and the Syrian army before the latter’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2008.

General Hussein was dismissed from his position after the military institution discovered his loyalty to another group.

According to Al-Manar’s information, Major Wissam prepared 50 thousand dollars and took off with his cousin, who worked as a journalist in the Times newspaper, from Majdal Anjar in Beqaa to Beirut. However, the army arrested the two men.

Abdul Khaleq first tried to deny the charge, but was later forced to confess after his two friends confessed.

Al-Manar learned that his cousin – the reporter in the American newspaper – was accompanying him because he was preparing an investigation on arms smuggling from Lebanon to Syria.

As for the arms seized with the Lebanese major, they mostly included B10 grenades that are known for their easy usage and destructive effects.

Information also revealed that Major Wissam’s father, Hussein was also a supporter to the armed groups in Syria and that was for partisan reasons, knowing that his position in the army gave him many privileges, specifically during the Syrian presence in Lebanon.

Source: Al Manar




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