Our Reality Redefined – But Don’t Accept It

By Zen Gardner, zengardner.com

You might be noticing the old notions of the world around us are slipping away. Just as the new milky, metallic skies are now integrated into society and taken for granted as the norm, many other physical and societal aspects of our world have been devolved by our societal engineers and adopted by the mass psyche.

And it leaves the uninformed empty, confused, dazed and finally numb and complacent.

Ah, peace at last. Just stop struggling, future droids.

Meet the new world peace. An engineered environment of exhausted spirits who finally give in to the bombardment of reversed truths, cognitive dissonance, denials, omitted information and state propaganda.

And a techno-hell of manipulated weaponized information driven into a seduced mind.


“Why struggle? It’s no use.” says the failing human spirit. “I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing. The skies have always been like this, or there’s some good reason. Endless wars are good and keep us safe. So does surveillance and the loss of privacy. And the wealthy must deserve more because they always seem to stay on top and get more.” etc. etc.

So help me, government.

And so the military triumphantly occupies America and the West’s streets. After all, we’re under attack.

By them. But who’s looking.

Once again, Orwell gets outdone.

Boldly Stated Fallacies

“The war on terror!” screams from every system megaphone and implanted neural response. Nothing but baseline stimulus/response manipulation. As it is with the money scam, the media, our education paradigm, you name it.

Mr. Scam Man is bringing you a dream!

Trouble is so few identify it for what it is. They fight inside the prescribed parameters amongst themselves, but never step outside to see the mind-altering Truth that the whole show is staged by nefarious manipulators. Wayyyy too humbling.

When you face the facts you come up with new, empowering realities. There ARE these nefarious forces trying to control everything and there ARE multitudes of mind-numbed, indoctrinated drones now in existence that are set to fulfill the wishes of such a wicked source.

How’s dem apples? Capische, or no?

What Else Are We Duped About? “Let Me Count the Ways….”

–The war on terror is an elaborate hoax.

–The medical industry is owned by money making mongrels who don’t care about you.

–Politics is a show, an annual distraction, a farce. You have no voice. It’s pretend to vent your sense of participation.

–Food isn’t food. It’s altered and the obesity, diabetes, gene altering and other diseases are all planned.

–Radiation, oil spills and even weather incidents are readily induced. Humanity is being subdued and reduced.

–Giant ETC. Find out for yourself where this all leads…the list is long….

That Enough?

Probably not. Our current social milieu dictates an otherwise very strange, shallow reality:…what do I look like? Am I cool? Will I fit in with the contemporary shallow scene?


It’s that far gone. People’s needs are defined by the media and social networking norms. And these are being redefined by the day. Shifting colors, MCs, motifs, seeming social standards, all are subjectively set to whomever is controlling the TV set.

Enjoying it? Cuz it’s determining your future!

Or not….if you bust out.


Don’t fall for it. Look for the assumed descriptions and assumptions and get free. Don’t be had. Stay awake and alert, and advise your loved ones to do the same.

There’s always hope for the living and un-asleep.

Best advice? Snap out of it and get yourself to consciousness.

It’s all easy from there.





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