Syrian Army annihilates 40 gunmen in Bab Hood of Homs

Soldiers of Syrian Arab Army

The clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and gunmen continue in Aryha city and the groves surrounding the area of Jabal al-Zawya.

Breaking News Network reporter indicated that the most severe armed conflicts took place in Muhambel town, in which resulted in killing large numbers of the militants and destroying their vehicles mounted by machineguns.

Our correspondent added that insurgents had attacked a military convoy that was heading from Jeser al-Shughour, passing by the border villages of Khourbet al-Joz and Kafar Hamra.

The reporter said that the attack was followed by armed confrontations with the Syrian Army members, which resulted in huge losses among the armed men ranks, in addition to some martyrs from the Army side.

Furthermore, a local source in Sulqien confirmed to Breaking News Network that the Syrian Army had launched qualified operations in the town, targeting dens for the armed rebels, leaving losses upon them.

In Homs province, our reporter said that more than 40 militants were killed during clashes with the Syrian Army in Bab Hood neighborhood, as more than 20 terrorists got injured.

Our reporter concluded that mortar shells were fired from within the Lebanese territories on the Syrian border guards in Edleen village, what resulted in 2 injuries of the border patrols.

Source: Breaking News




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