Armed Forces Storm Terrorists’ Hideouts in Aleppo, Homs and Hama… Tunnels Used by Terrorists Found in Damascus Countryside

PROVINCES, (SANA) – The Syrian armed forces on Thursday destroyed a number of terrorists’ hideouts and bases in several areas in the city of Aleppo.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the armed forces carried out an operation in which they destroyed terrorists’ bases near the Establishment of Water, al-Orobeh Club and al-Hajjar Mosque in Bustan al-Basha area and Rotana Hall in Suleiman al-Halabi area.

The source added that a unit of the armed forces destroyed a car loaded with ammunition in Masaken Hanano in the city.

Tunnels Used by Terrorists Found in Damascus Countryside

Authorities discovered tunnels used by terrorists in Deir al-Assafir in Damascus Countryside and killed a number of terrorists inside.

Explosives and mines dismantled in Said al-Dawla

The Army Engineering Units today dismantled a number of explosives and mines planted by armed terrorist groups at al-Souk area in Saif al-Dawla in Aleppo.

A source in Aleppo told SANA reporter that the terrorists escaped.

Armed Forces Storm Terrorists’ Hideout in Homs

A unit from the armed forces clashed with mercenary terrorists in Burj Qa’a village in al-Houleh in Homs, killing and injuring many of them.

Meanwhile, a unit from the armed forces destroyed the hideout of an armed terrorist group behind al-Khandaq Street in Bad Hood neighborhood in the city of Homs.

The hideout was used as a base and operation room to plan attacks against citizens and law-enforcement forces in the neighborhood.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the clash resulted in killing and injuring a large number of terrorists gathering in the hideout.

The source added that the authorities confronted a terrorist attack against the law-enforcement members of a checkpoint at the entrance of al-Hosn village, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

It said that terrorists Badr Issa al-Janein, nicknamed Abu Odai, and Ziad Hassan Mirza were identified among the dead.

In the same context, the authorities clashed with terrorists who attacked law-enforcement forces in al-Nizariyeh village in the countryside of Homs.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that three terrorists were killed and four others were injured in the clash.

The authorities confronted an armed terrorist group which attacked the law-enforcement forces in the fields of Deir Baalbeh in the countryside of Homs.

An official source told SANA reporter that the operation resulted in inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Authorities Storm Terrorists’ Hideout in Hama

In Hama province, the authorities, in cooperation with inhabitants, stormed a terrorists’ hideout in the area of Tariq Halab al-Qadeem in Hama.

An official source told SANA reporter that the raid resulted in killing five terrorists and arresting five others.

Authorities Pursue Terrorists in the Countryside of Idleb

The authorities in Idleb continued the pursuit operations in the countryside of the province in response to the appeals of the inhabitants to eliminate the fleeing terrorist groups which terrified citizens, cut off roads and attacked service facilities in Harem area, killing and injuring many of their members.

Meanwhile, the authorities chased terrorist Abdel-Aziz al-Jamal who fired on a checkpoint for law-enforcement members in al-Dbeit neighborhood in Idleb city and killed him.

6 Cars for Terrorists Destroyed, Explosive Devices Dismantled in Daraa

Authorities pursued fleeing terrorists in Tal Shehab in the countryside of Daraa, destroying their 6 cars.

A source in the province said that the authorities also dismantled a number of explosive devices and seized large amount of C-4 explosive material and stolen medicine.

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