Authorities Eliminate Tens of Terrorists in Aleppo, Daraa, Hama and Homs

ALEPPO, DARAA (Source: SANA) – In al-Arcoub neighborhood in Aleppo, an army unit confronted a group of armed terrorists who tried to attack law-enforcement forces and government establishments.

The army unit eliminated tens of terrorists and inured a large number of them.

In al-Sakhour neighborhood in Aleppo, a number of armed groups’ leaders were killed as they were hiding near Syriatel customer service center during a qualitative operation carried out by the armed forces.

The Syrian Army Continues Pursuit  of Terrorists in a number of Damascus neighborhoods

The Syrian heroic Army continued pursuit of armed terrorist groups in a number of neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside.  

A source told SANA that while the units of the Army were storming dens of the terrorists in al-Tadamun, Zamalka, Yalda, Babila, Ein Tarma, they seized big quantities of weapons including RPGs, Israeli-made snipers, Dushka machineguns and mortars.

The source added that the army also seized a number of rifles, pistols, communication sets, counterfeited passports and stolen cancer medicines.   

 Authorities in Daraa Storm Terrorists’ Hideouts, Eliminate Tens of Them

The competent authorities in Daraa province stormed terrorists’ hideouts in al-Yadoudeh town and eliminated a large number of them.

Authorities Pursue Terrorists in Allajat in Daraa Countryside, Eliminate a Large Number of them

Authorities pursued on Monday armed terrorist groups in Allajat area in Daraa countryside and inflected heavy losses upon the terrorists.

An official source in Daraa province told SANA reporter that the authorities eliminated many terrorists and arrested others.

The source added that the authorities  destroyed six DShK-equipped vehicles, dismantled several mines and explosive devices and seized huge amounts of stolen medicines and food. 

Authorities Kill a Terrorist and Seize Truck Loaded with Weapons in al-Salamiah City

The competent authorities in Hama province seized a truck loaded with weapons and ammunitions western al-Salamiah city.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the authorities ambushed an armed terrorist group riding a truck loaded with weapons and ammunitions heading to the armed terrorist groups in Homs province, pointing out that the authorities clashed with the terrorists and killed one and arrested the rest of them.

The source added that 50 rifles, RPG launchers, DShK machineguns, PKC machineguns and large amounts of ammunition were seized in the truck.

Meanwhile in Homs province, the authorities discovered in cooperation with the inhabitants a tunnel used by armed terrorist groups to smuggle weapons and terrorists.

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