Libyan Free Press


The first officially admitted victim of depleted uranium,wich was applied by NATO in Libya

Tragic effects of depleted uranium bombs used in The Great Jamahiriya start to emerge

In November 2011, one of the Sirte residents, who was pregnant, lost her child as a result of premature birth. She had strong pain and suffering, but she didn’t pay attention on it. aAfterwards Libyan woman became pregnant again. The pain was so strong, that she arrived to neighboring Tunisia. The woman was placed in the dr. Ammus hospital, which is one of the best known gynecologic clinic in the country.

Unfortunately, doctors could not save the fetus, she was pregnant with twins. Medics checked her health condition, and the results were sent to one of the competent clinics in Paris. The results showed, that between September and October 2011, the woman inhaled contaminatedby depleted uranium air ,which caused a miscarriage.

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