The dope smoking ‘C” student Marxist was rocketed into political prominence by unseen forces.

Born the bi-racial child of two Marxists who met in a Russian language class, Barack Obama was groomed for big things, possibly as far back as his High School days. A Communist, bi-sexual “mentor” named Frank Marshall Davis appears to have been young Barry’s connection to the New World Order pipeline. As a pot-smoking “B” student in High School, a “C” student and admitted crack user at Occidental College, Obama’s alleged acceptance to elite Columbia University, and then Harvard Law, defy explanation

Obama’s Ivy League transcripts and bar exam results remain unavailable to this day. Coming from a broken & dysfunctional family of modest means, the question of who paid for these extremely expensive schools is also a mystery.
During the 1990’s, instead of practicing law, the homosexual Obama works as an Alinskyite “community organizer.” Imagine, a “Harvard lawyer” making a living by distributing leaflets on the streets of Chicago!
He is then elected (unopposed!) to the Illinois legislature in ’96, after his much better known opponent, State Senator Alice Palmer, is kicked off of the ballot for “petition irregularities.”
Obama launched his election effort in the living room of his friend and ghost writer, William Ayers, head of the cop-killing Communist Weathermen who terrorized Chicago in 1968.

In 2004, a popular and young incumbent Republican US Senator, Peter Fitzgerald, inexplicably announces that he will not seek reelection. Fitzgerald’s Democrat predecessor, Carol Mosely Braun, then also strangely passes up the chance to win her old seat back. The path is now oh-so-conveniently clear for this mysterious unknown.

In the Democrat primary, Obama defeats the much better known, and much better funded, muliti-millionaire Blair Hull after embarrassing details of Hull’s former marriage surface.

In the General Election, Obama’s Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, withdraws from the race, again after Zionist Sam Zell’s Chicago Tribune persuades a Court to release Ryan’s embarassing divorce papers!
The Republicans recruit Alan Keyes as a late replacement. Keyes accuses Obama of being “a radical communist”. But by now it is too late to derail Obama. Obama is elected to the US Senate as the national media quickly begins hyping him up as “the potential first black President.”

This same force will then turn against the powerhouse Hillary Clinton in 2008, mocking her in the media and then catapulting Obama first to the Democrat nomination, and then to an easy victory over that nasty old patsy John McCain and his idiot sidekick Sarah Palin.
One by one, every big-name politician in Obama’s path (Palmer, Fitzgerald, Mosely-Braun, Hull, Ryan, Hillary) was removed by an unseen force.

Source: The Forbidden Truth about Economy & History


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