US Ambassador Killed: Fingers Pointing at Israel

By Kawther Salam

The murder of the US Ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens, due to riots after the offensive film attacking Islam’s Prophet Muhammad has many signs which warrant pointing fingers towards Israel. (Pic. Credit: AFP).

Without hesitation Israel declared through its official media that “Sam Bacile”, 56-year-old author identifies as an Israeli Jew, and he says that he believes that his film will help Israel to expose the flaws of Islam to the world.

הכותב והבמאי סאם באסילה שוחח עם כלי תקשורת ממקום שאינו ידוע, והתעקש כי הוא דבק בעמדתו: “האיסלאם הוא סרטן, נקודה”. הוא אמר כי באמצעות הסרט ברצונו להעביר מסר פוליטי. היוצר בן ה-56 מזדהה כיהודי ישראלי, ואומר כי הוא מאמין שהסרט שלו יסייע לישראל לחשוף את פגמי האיסלאם לעולם. לפי דיווחים בעולם, מדובר ביזם נדל”ן ישראלי-אמריקני. מובאות מהסרט, שדובבו לערבית, פורסמו ביוטיוב. באסילה אמר כי צר לו על האדם שנהרג הלילה בקונסוליה האמריקנית בבנגזי, אך האשים בכך את האבטחה הרפה במקום

At the same time official Israel is concealing information that filmmaker “Bacile” must have served with the Israeli army intelligence. In Hebrew media, “Bacile” presents himself as fluent in Arabic, what is to my knowledge almost exclusive to intelligence operatives in israel.

The State of Israel stated that filmmaker “Bacile” went into hiding on Tuesday after his movie attacking Islam’s Prophet Muhammad sparked angry assaults by Muslims on US diplomatic missions in Egypt and in Libya, where the US Ambassador Chris Stevens became one of four Americans killed in the attack.

What the speaker did not state for foreign audiences was that Israeli intelligence had protected the filmmaker since the beginning and that after having accomplished his mission he is probably now back in his Israel enjoying full protection in Tel Aviv or Herzliya or somewhere else under a pseudonym.

There are suspicions that “Bacile”, now in Israel, carried a passport with another name. The elements of the Israeli mossad and intelligence customarily carry several falsified passports under different nationalities and names. The suspicion that the film was made not by “Bacile” alone and on his own initiative, but that the whole thing was a premeditated operation of the Israeli intelligence, designed to have exactly the effects it has had until now.

According to Breitbart “the Libyan security forces hired to protect the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya moved Ambassador Chris Stevens to a second building within the consulate, then told the militant crowds where he was”. Libya has been essentially under the control of mossad since Gadhaffi was deposed by NATO-backed terrorists.

The attack on the consulate in Benghazi reminds us of the American-Israeli mossad agent Ilan Chaim Grappelli/Grapel, (אילן גרפל ), who was captured in Egypt during the revolution for inciting people to commit acts of violence.

Grapel was a war criminal who participated in the atrocities of the Lebanon “second war” in 2006, a former paratrooper who infiltrated the Egyptian revolutionaries and was causing trouble, inciting his acquaintances to perpetrate criminal acts against police stations and the military, spying on the military and the revolutionaries, photographing people and reporting to the Mossad, distributing money to some Egyptians and recruiting them to cause chaos, to steal and to sabotage public infrastructure in the country. Grapel had also been organizing a series of protest movements and preparing them to disobey orders of the military authorities after the overthrow of  President Hosni Mubarak.

What Grapel did was the same scenario as in Benghazi, Libya. It is more than plausible that israeli elements had infiltrated the angry Libyan masses after showing them the film and incited them to shoot at the American embassy, where Ambassador Stevens and his team were killed. Such “false flag” attacks are the hallmark of mossad, which always play the same dirty games, putting oil on the fire, kindling hatred and inciting the unaware to perpetrate crimes.

Simply said, the offensive film made by an extremist zionist jew from the USA together with an Egyptian Copt served to kindle the flames of hatred in a region where restraint is almost unknown, preparing the terrain for “justifiable” violence.

The murder of the American Ambassador and three of his team was the logical consequence if one takes in account the guidance of the Libyan “security” team hired by the embassy. In sum, all well done, a plausibly deniable operation cooked up in the hellish kitchen of the Israeli intelligence, against their supposedly best friend and nearest ally.

According to what can be read, Ambassador Stevens had previously been a teacher in Morocco, he spoke fluent Arabic; he was very open towards the people and did not host racist prejudice against Arabs. Knowing the Israeli mentality, this may have been enough for him to become hated and ultimately marked as disposable at the jewish-dominated US Department of State.

Another possible background for this operation, also from my knowledge of the Israeli mentality, would be that they don’t know what to do to sow dissent in the Arab world since Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood won the elections in Egypt. This is strange because Morsi can be seen as a US/Western stooge who is ultimately favourable to Israel behind a facade designed to quiet his constituency.

Israel, the country which sickens everybody with their endless bellyaching about “anti-smetism” whenever their crimes are criticized, it is the same country which employs all its energy to think about ways to cause trouble and chaos for other countries and peoples.

The question is: what does israel think to do after this dirty game? It is becoming clear that israel has put this false-flag crime in scene as a cover of another big crime, or that that they want something from the Americans and will try to use this to twist their arm. What could it be that that they want? Is it the war against Iran or there is something else they want to force the USA to do? As of now, their dirty game would appear to have failed, as the whole event reeks of their participation.

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