Hidden Agenda Behind The Libya Conflagration

Death and Destruction in the Name of Free Speech

Nothing is so destructive and lethal as the form of Free Speech practiced by the Western mainstream media (MSM). Truly, if ever there was a global scourge that threatens the very fabric of civil society, the MSM’s version of Free Speech is it.

What part of their ongoing multi-century crime spree does the MSM not get?!

Do they really think they can get away with so much ill-intentioned word merchandizing?

All actions and words do have a karmic slack associated with them. Sometimes the blowback is immediate and dramatic; other times it is slow to come and imperceptible. However, there will always be a meting out of the proper karmic consequences (or benefits). Regardless of the perceived effects of our actions and words, they will always produce a reaction within the universe of thought and form. ALWAYS!

Which brings us to the little matter facing the USA because of a certain film that was produced within its borders. Let’s see, we have one dead ambassador and 3 other dead US personnel, two destroyed embassies and lots of explaining to do to the world community.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens Killed in Consulate Attack in Benghazi


This image was released shortly after the attack showing Ambassador Stevens’ body being paraded around by a mob.

Is this what US citizens want to face as we travel the world over? Why? For the sake of fake Free Speech.

If you think free speech is being able to say whatever you want, anywhere you want, to whomever you want, your understanding is completely out of touch with reality … and morality … and civility … and … … …

Anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding after protests

Really, what in Heaven’s Name is going on here (here being the good ole USA)? Have we lost our marbles … all of us?

Where has common sense gone to? Has the faculty of reason fled all 50 states?

Is there no capacity for self restraint. Have the social graces and simple propriety been banished to some far off corner … of the solar system. Here’s what our esteemed Secretary of State once uttered in response to the murder of Muammar Gaddafi as reported from an alternative news website:

“Indeed, it’s a horrific irony that Hillary Clinton’s infamous gloating about Gaddafi’s execution – “We came, we saw, he died” – has now come full circle, with Stevens paying for such despicable arrogance with his life.”
(Per Infowars.com)

Truly, there is an extremely serious problem that we Americans have around entitlement. And, it rears its ugly head in the most graphic and destructive way around the right (misperceived entitlement) of Free Speech.

So, you think you can just tear up another religion, defile their religious figureheads, burn or urinate on their holy books and defecate in their mosques, do you?

Certainly not without awesome consequences, my brothers and sisters. AWESOME consequences!


Anti-American protests in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Palestine all because of someone’s extremely warped understanding of ‘Free Speech’.

Mainstream Media Spins Outright Hate and Threats Of War As Free Speech

White, Anglo-American acculturated, Judeo-Christians have gotten away with bloody murder for many centuries now. They have used their organs of media to divide and conquer long enough. Whether it is sowing seeds of cultural degeneracy with their psyop known as “Pu__y Riot” in Russia or fabricating outright lies about the atrocities of the Syrian Army which have been committed by the rebels, the English-speaking media spin machine has shown itself for what it is.

Why is Western society and their English language MSM so often the guilty party in disseminating lies about everything from promoting false flag operations to grossly misrepresenting terrorist events, from covering up treasonous inside jobs to provoking wars of aggression. Why? Who are these men (and women) who stop at nothing in the telling of their lies and falsehoods to the world?

Now that these same characters have the social network utilities operating in full gear they think they can pull off a color revolution as quickly as 1 – 2 – 3 – CIA mission accomplished!

Never before in history have so many psychopaths been given the media weaponry that used to lie in the hands of just a few sociopaths. In the current case of the California-based filmmaker who started the most recent conflagration, we see a real estate developer who obviously has made enough money to spread his hateful speech (and images) cloaked as Free Speech.

How would the Christian nations feel about the Islamic, Arab nations producing the same kind of trash about Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible, Christianity and Christendom?

How would we respond if their imams were burning Bibles like our Christian ministers have been know to do … in the name of Free Speech?!?! Good God in Heaven, is there any sense of decency left in this society, when so many feel that this perverted form of Free Speech is okay. Yeah, sure it’s okay, if you plan on going to hell.

Terry Jones, Quran-Burning Pastor, Sues Dearborn, Mich. For Violating His Right To Free Speech

That headline, right there, says it all. A Quran-burning Florida minister is permitted his 15 minutes of fame by the scurrilous MSM news platform known as The Huffington Post, as it gives both space and copy to such a twisted and depraved understanding of Free Speech.


Exercising ‘Free Speech’ like this does an terrible disservice to every American, especially those who travel abroad.

Because this is where the USA has gone, the more immature and bellicose nations of the world that are without conscience such as Israel feel that they can threaten any nation under the sun. The highly compromised posture of the USA has empowered the bullies of the world to both say and do the stupidest things. Things like threatening nations such as Iran with completely unprovoked attacks based on prevarications which are as groundless as they are repugnant.

This is the real tragedy of the American cultural phenomenon known as the misbegotten entitlement to Free Speech. Yes, speak your mind freely within the confines of the rule of law. Within the long-held traditions of non-aggression and appropriate norms of human decency.

Otherwise this nation – the USA – risks being addressed by a power much greater that the might of Islam. When an Israeli free-speecher like Netanyahu throws his weight around so cavalierly and without a shred of consideration for the recipient of his offensive threats, the entire body politic of the world is debased. Especially when so few stand up to confront his shocking and egregious displays and threats of unjustifiable aggression.

Until the USA stops empowering these, and many other, menaces to society, in the name of Free Speech, we as a nation stand to suffer the blowback which will most assuredly come our way.

Source: State of The Nation

2 comments on “Hidden Agenda Behind The Libya Conflagration

  1. Terry Jones is a paid actor, here’s the vid.

    Do you know any other small-time preachers getting millions in free media advertising? He’s fake. His script feeds Muslim, Christian, and Progressive/Atheist stereotyping and bigotry. It’s the usual CFR / City-of-London clash-of-civilizations stuff and domestic us-them, right-left, divide-and-conquer-distraction stuff. The real fight is CFR world conquest versus misled, suffering humanity. “Let’s you and them fight!”

  2. IT IS NOT FREE SPEECH abuse here what is talking about, reality is here jewish conspiracy, and whe should burn here thousands of copies of Babilonic Talmud, the Torah and all those sacred things of Jews conspirators fuck hem

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