FlashBack: When Obama Took $1 Million From Liberal Anti-Islam Filmmaker

By Tad Cronn, GodfatherPolitics

Liberal hypocrisy is sometimes so great, we really need a new word to describe it. Maybe “Obamacrite.” …

With the Islamic violence spreading globally this past week, the Obama Administration has hammered on one point it desperately wants everyone to believe, that it’s all caused by a cheap, homemade anti-Islamic video.

That’s a transparent ruse, but let’s play along for a moment.

The killings, rampages, bombings and violence are NOT the fault of the psychotic Muslims running through the world’s streets with guns and bombs, and they certainly are NOT the fault of the moronic, slipshod management of foreign affairs by the Obama Administration that ignored prior warnings and even refused to take common sense security measures (like loading Marines’ guns with ammo).

All of the violence, including the reported raping and killing of our ambassador, is actually caused by a little, green-screen video that was made in someone’s garage. Never mind all the mystery surrounding the film’s creators, just focus on the one point: It’s all the fault of an anti-Islam film that nobody has seen.

Logically, then, ANY anti-Islam film that has been seen by a lot of people would be even more culpable by magnitudes of order. And if the people allegedly involved in the making of “The Innocence of Muslims” are essentially accessories to murder, rape and rioting, then the makers of a successful anti-Islam film would be even MORE criminally responsible for Mideast violence.

And in our current guilt-by-association climate, anyone who took money from such an Islamophobic filmmaker would be equally guilty of insulting Islam.

Well, if you go back a few years, there was a successful documentary called “Religulous” (supposed to rhyme with “ridiculous”) that criticized Christianity and Islam. DVDs of the film can be bought on Amazon, which is much more than can be said for the White House’s current scapegoat.

The maker of the film is a prominent liberal and critic of conservatives, who donated $1 million to a certain big-mouthed liberal politician. The filmmaker is Bill Maher, and the politician is none other than King Obama.

So the president who is currently pushing the theory that a little film insulting Islam drives the terrorists who are rising up around the world is in fact benefiting from a huge donation from the maker of a popular film that mocks Islam.

Wonder when Obama will return that donation and start a federal manhunt for Bill Maher?

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