Free Army Commanders: We’d Great Expectations… We’re collapsing

fighter of the free army

Three weeks after, the armed rebels entered the northern town of Aleppo, ammunition supplies had dwindled to 600 bullets and six rockets, resulting in a very bloody stalemate with Assad’s forces.

But despite a ‘rotten’ process, supplies are finally on their way

The rusting green Mercedes truck could have been mistaken for a removal lorry.

It was parked in a narrow street outside a luxurious villa a short distance from the Turkish border, and the arms and legs of chairs and tables protruded from the tarpaulin that covered the back.

Beneath the furniture, however, were 450,000 rounds of ammunition and hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades destined for the armed rebels in Aleppo.

Inside the villa two rebel commanders and a chubby civilian in jeans and T-shirt were exchanging pieces of paper, which the civilian signed.

He issued a series of instructions to the men outside, who began transferring crates into the commanders’ white Toyota pickup.

“All what I want from you is that you shoot a small video and put it on YouTube, stating your name and your unit, and saying we are part of the Aleppo military council,” the civilian told one of the commanders, who fought with the Islamist Tawheed brigade.

“Then you can do whatever you want. I just need to show the Americans that units are joining the council.

I met two Americans yesterday in Antakya of Turkey. They told me that no advanced weapons would come to us unless we were unified under the leadership of the local military councils.

So shoot the video and let me handle the rest.

Looking in the back, it was clear the ammunition was new.

The RPG rounds were still wrapped in plastic.

The rebel plan for the assault on Aleppo had been simple, Abu Mohamed said.

He added that they had dwindled to 600 bullets and six RPG rockets.

The lines are close to collapse.

“Everyone is willing to pay you just a little bit to buy you – the Muslim brotherhood, Riad al-Assad.

They are rotten, playing with us.

I sat for three weeks waiting there and nothing came.

I had met the former head of the transitional national council, Burhan Ghalioun, in Turkey, Abu Mohammad, Abu Hussein said.

He took us with him into a meeting in Istanbul.

We loved the man, we met a prince in the Qatari armed forces.

We talked and explained everything and he had an idea of what was going on, but he said the good times were coming soon.

We’ve been left with nothing.

Source: Breaking News




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