Turkey strikes Syrian targets retaliating to mortar attack on border

The explosion area after several Syrian shells crashed inside Akcakale town in Turkey people on October 3, 2012, in Sanliurfa. (AFP Photo / Rauf Maltas /Anatolia)

Turkey has fired back at Syria after Syrian mortar bombs killed five people and wounded eight others in a Turkish town near the border, says the Turkish Prime Minister’s office. NATO schedules an urgent meeting to be held later in the day.

Our armed forces in the border region immediately retaliated against this heinous attack… by shelling the targets spotted by radar,” Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s office said in a statement.

Turkey will never leave unanswered such kinds of provocation by the Syrian regime against our national security,” the office added. According to Syrian media, Turkish artillery hit targets in the province of Idlib.

In the official statement, NATO urged Syria to put end to “flagrant violations of international law,” saying that it stands by Turkey, Reuters reported.

Turkey is now deploying tanks, artillery and missile batteries to the Syria border, reports Mahir Zeynalov, a journalist with the prominent Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman, citing sources on the ground.

NATO ambassadors are to convene later in the day to discuss the shelling of the Turkish town. The meeting will be held under NATO Article 4, for consultations when a member state feels territorial integrity is under threat, officials say.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet  Davutoglu has earlier contacted UN Syrian envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon and senior Turkish military officials about the incident, as well as Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the NATO Secretary General.

On Wednesday, at least three bombs fired from Syria hit a residential suburb of the Turkish border town of Akcakale, killing a woman and four children from the same family and wounding at least eight others. This is a second mortar attack on the Turkish town since last Friday. Back then Foreign Minister Davutoglu said he would take action if there were a repeat.

In response to Wednesday shelling, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minster stated that “Syria must be made to account for the incident and there must be a response under international law.” In Akcakale, dozens of angry residents marched to the local mayor’s office to protest the deaths.

The Obama administration said it is “outraged” by the Syrian mortar attack. The US is consulting Turkey on what Hillary Clinton dubbed a “very dangerous situation.” The US State Secretary plans to speak to the Turkish Foreign Minister later on Wednesday.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon also urged Syria to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors in the wake of the deadly shelling. Still it remains unclear whether the bombs were fired by the Syrian government’s forces or by rebels.

NATO on Wednesday also said it strongly condemned the Syrian shelling of Akcakale, a spokeswoman told AFP.

NATO expresses its strong condemnation,” said Oana Lungescu. “NATO continues to follow the situation closely and with great concern.

Turkey, which hosts over 90,000 Syrian refugees in camps along its border, has been an outspoken supporter of the popular uprising in Syria.

Turkey has been an outspoken supporter of the popular uprising in Syria. Relations between the two countries plummeted after the Syrian military downed a Turkish jet in international waters in June. This, and an increasingly volatile situation along the Syrian border, made Istanbul bolster its military presence in the region. According to Turkish media, several batteries of ground-to-air missiles, troop carriers and tanks were sent to the border over the summer.

Source: Russia Today

5 comments on “Turkey strikes Syrian targets retaliating to mortar attack on border

  1. And now it s up to russia to make a stand off to this 2012 version of the gulf of tonkin,its time to act now or later be the target themselves,its time for people to wake up and fight the NWO agenda

  2. There´s no doubt this was planned. North Atlantic Terrorist Organization wants to create an incident to justifie the bombing of the civilians in Syria and the overthrow of Assad. The history is full of fake incidents like this like de Mukden incident, Gleiwitz and Tonkin.

  3. “UN chief Ban Ki-moon also urged Syria to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors in the wake of the deadly shelling.”
    Ban Ki-moon is an appalling joke – urging Syria to ‘respect the sovereignty of its neighbors’ while not a word of the heavy shelling by the Turks in ‘reprisal’.
    Exactly the same lines with the rest of our western warmongers – condemn Syria, the Turkish shelling into Syria reported approvingly, no mention of the border area’s seized by ‘rebels’ & the open flow of weapons & fighters continueing across the border, no mention of open staging grounds in the area, & the enormous number of Salafi’s extremists…

    By the time Ban Ki-moon is finished his term, the UN role will be seen to be set in stone as a blatantly biased organisation in service to Western interests by most of the worlds population, & that is an appallingly dangerous state of affairs.
    Much the same with IEAE under Yukiya Amano, & the basic functioning of these organisations are vitally important if we are going to through the next few decades without destroying much of the world…

  4. Agreed with Donitz 123! But United Nuts mention Syria should respect Neighbors; but why Turkey never did any respect to Syria? Everybody knows about Al Qaeda was putted there By CIA-USA to create problems, which is what them want under convenience to demolish Not just Syria Government, but to get any open to help Israel to go through to Iran. The Jews have manipulated USA to go by his wishes, which his control the Middle East, after all the Arabs. Some of them ignorant Arabs countries; even go against his own brothers , for after later get in trouble if not agree of what Israel want, and will be invades too to stilling the oil. The world know what goes on; it’s inevitable a third world war , but if Israel lose, then will be a real holocaust around the world, and not just in one country. But I think about this stupidity; just to vanish or disintegration of any living creatures on Earth. I try give a wake up call about this issues, but they fill confident that could win this war again, and take all of us to a completely destruction. 04/10/12! By A.Oscar

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