False flag to launch an all out war against Syria

By MKERone

Any brainwashed sheeple still believing Syria attacked Turkey with mortars?! If it wanted to attack Turkey it would fire missiles, not mortars. Plus, where’s the interest for Syria to launch a war against Turkey in its current situation? NONE! Syria didn’t shell Turkey. Terrorists did.

Remember that all wars start with a False Flag ! That’s exactly what happened between Syria & Turkey. And False Flags are Mossad speciality.

NATO wants an all out war on Syria & is using Turkey for it. And erDOGan happily agrees and seeks parliament approval for military action.

What erDOGan seems to ignore is that Turkish people don’t want war with their Syrian brothers. And are against his policies !

Best thing to do for Syria is not to retaliate after Turkey’s bloody attack and violation of its sovereignty. That’s the pretext NATO is waiting for to bomb the hell out of Syria. And we all know what it would mean for Syria: total destruction of its civilian infrastructure (power plants, highways, schools, hospitals, …) just as NATO did in Libya. It would also mean thousands of innocent civilians slaughtered by NATO evil forces.

Hence, Syria’s decision not to retaliate shouldn’t be considered as an act of weakness, but as an act of extreme wiseness.

Time will come when Syria will have the perfect opportunity to retaliate (and not necessarly by waging war).




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