2 comments on ““Erdogan Hysterical Over Syria Terrorist Failures” – Tarpley

  1. Understanding what is going on in Syria today may require a knowledge of the history of the Aliwite Muslims…and their treatment by Sunni Muslims in the past.
    The Aliwites are a division of the Shi’ite Movement…and do not build Mosques..but use a plain building for their religious meetings. Further the Alewites have been under-dogs within Islam for a very long time. Then, through encouraging their children to take up military careers, the Aliwites managed to acquire top-dog position in the Syrian Government. If President Assad’s Aliwites lose the current war in Syria…then it is back to being underdogs once again…plus some very bloody revenge actions by the majority Sunni’s. This is why they are fighting so hard to retain control of Syria. A likely acceptable alternative (possibly ending the fighting) is to give the Aliwites a separate nation in their old residential territory.
    The Sunni’s are determined to regain control of Syria…and others , such as the Muslim Brotherhood, probably the Taliban and Al Queda…have moved into Syria in an effort to make “hay” for themselves at the ending of the current conflict.
    This is no ordinary “revolution” at all. At least this is what my research has turned up. Other ideas anyone ?? Thank you. Nelson Horton

    • Good day Nelson,

      Another explanation for what is going on in Syria. I do agree that at the beginning the political opposition to president Assad had legitimate reasons to protest to ask for reforms. But these protests have been turned upside down by the brigades of NATO and the US and Israel: Muslim brotherhood, sunnis, Al-Qaeda etc… with Qatar and Saudi Arabia as a financial background for the arms. All this to overthrow the Syrian government and bring chaos in the country. You can see that now, even the political opposition to Bashar Al Assad have chosen to support the Syrian Government because they don’t want to see their country to turn into Libya or former Yugoslavia.
      Watch this doc by Lizzie Phelan if you have not done already: ‘Manufacturing Dissent’


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