By Lame Cherry

Just wait around my children and more proof of this blog right again.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive…….

As was reported exclusively here, that Barack Obama has become the head of world terrorism and that Obama has been in bed with al Qaeda since 2008 in which the international dope trafficking and the turning over of Nationalist Muslim states to these Zawahair Islamocommunists, the realy of the veneers of this is pealing back in the Libyan assassination of the Anal Ambassador Chris Stevens and the rest of the forgottens.

The regime, their puppy press and intelligence knew from the first that al Qaeda was involved in this Obama plot, but they have been covering this up, not because terrorists were involved, but because this all is tied to what Obama has been doing since day one in using the US military to murder “bad terrorists” and installing “good terrorists” around the globe for Obamas Marxist globalist order to be run out of Europe.

I will explain what took place in Libya this way.

Say in your town, you have a neighbor running for office who decides to help out your local bank executive who is down on his luck by staging a fake bank robbery, whereby both will get something out of it……in the politician in fake rescue and the exec in “misplaced money” the not caught robbers got away with. They bring the local cops in for a cut, and all is going as planned.
Ok, now as these two are plotting, some local mafia overhear some donut eaters discussing this.

The mafia thugs report this to their boss, who is paying off some higher up cops, who all decide that, “You know I don’t like small timers coming into my action and not cutting me in. Let’s say we shoot these bastards and take all the money”.

So the exec and politco show up for the drama with the cops, and who shows up but, a herd of mafia and donut eater brass, who take the money bags from the shocked duo, shoot them, and file the reports of “some of the robbers got away with the money”, and the don then launders the cash and all are happy, except Anderson Cooper.

See that is what took place in Libya, and exactly as this blog exclusively laid out from the start.
Obama brought in his terrorists and Libyans, to kidnap Stevens and that group for a political show……with some local expendables meant to bleed for the SEAL raid.
In the meantime, some of Obama’s al Qaeda started jabbering over sharing a sheep to some “bad” al Qaeda brethren about what was going on, who reported it back to the Islamocommunists in Iran and other areas, who said, “OK let’s take this for a ride in rape an murder, and Obama will not touch us, as we will blackmail his Asian ass as he set this up for his 2012 election”.

That is what is behind the headlines. The Libyans are in the know and are blackmailing Obama. Romney has finally has his Rovian folks start feeding him the intelligence from this blog and he now knows……..and of course now everyone knows about Obama’s FAG FILE, which has all of these machinations laid out for his 2012 election theft.

Romney: President Doesn’t Want People To Know What Happened In Libya…

Libyan president: Anti-Islam film had ‘nothing to do with’ attack…

REPORT: U.S. Officials Knew Within 24 Hours Attack Was Work of Al Qaeda…

These are Obama’s dirty laundry list in the Pentagon and CIA knew immediately from all the cell phone chatter celebrating and reporting back in calls, that this Obama operation for 2012 was hijacked by his competitors and the entire Middle East was now lining up for a train on Barry’s butt to blackmail him.

That is why Patraeus and Panetta went silent. They were not about to get involved in this feces penis policy that was leaking excrement all over the place. Leon and Dave about had faces like sour owl sh*t when they got the copy of the translators handed to them in their dark little rooms simultaneously.

You can figure this out my children in their support for Hillary Clinton, in they let her parade out like State in apologizing for the terrorists and never bothered to warn her, as this is serious doo doo stuff. The people who KNEW what took place, if they would have told Hillary they KNEW after the fact, would have opened them up to being star witnesses in Obama prosecution testimony.

There were several feeds on this which came in on in place cameras and eye in the sky. That is why the Delta Force hit the LZ hard in scrambling out and leaving this mess behind. It is not Anderson Cooper’s Steven Diary which is the smoking gun, but that diary was pointing TO THE SMOKING GUN, of the feeds which were viewed in the situation rooms about no security on ground for the reason, an event was to take place of hostage taking, and instead was contracted for in a high bidder got an Ambassador’s butt and knew Obama could not do a thing about it.

If you require being told……

That is why Obama went silent. Why he was joking on the campaign trail. This thing blew up in his face and he was acting guilty, because he was fricking guilty in setting this up and it blew up in his 2012 campaign’s face.

Obama couldn’t run to Panetta or Patraeus, or even Naps, because the DOD and NSA feeds were all over the place in the tops and the tops were all sneering about this.
That is why the Casey Associates took the intel and cleaned up this mess by sending a dead Libyans message.

Obama’s 2012 campaign little green ledger with faux leather covering has now become caustically defined as the FAG FILE.

It is a fitting title as this all goes back to 2008 when the Axelrod operation bungled the Lawrence Sinclair smear and Joe Biden had to Delaware his thugs to go after Mr. Sinclair to try and silence this Chicago date night associate of Barry Obama.

As an exclusive, that is why the Obama’s had that ludicrous “First Date Night” which made not damn sense, unless you are a Chicago pansy trying to prove to the world that you are not a fag getting your peter sucked by the gay males like Charlie Gibson……well with that soap dropper it was all about rosie palms after the back 9 were played.

So what is it now like 10 days and that peckerwood Mitt Romney’s McCain Rovian staff handlers are now stealing from this blog again, just like John McCain did. That is not going to stand as I was born in this brier patch, I got the thorn scars and the bloody ground in doing the sapper work, and that apostate Romney and his Palin killers are not going to be chiming in after the show taking talking point credit for what was Inspired here…….AND NOT PAYING FOR IT.
Romney is only in this race yet, because of this blog and these patricians thinking things are free here as they rape America, better get clued in.

This ain’t over yet by no measure. Obama has barely a week to gain something back in this Libyan rape which was supposed to be a grande Obama rescue around September 30th, and days of chest thumping in the Rose Garden before striding into the debates to thump Romney.

The Combat Engineer, the Sapper, crawls in to the enemy’s wire and mine field, lays the charges to open lanes and sets things off. This blog has put this once again back to the Obama HQ and all Romney has to do is walk in and say BOO!!!
God deserves the credit as I get sniped at by brats in the the distractions, but time and again am proven right.

Yeah al Qaeda was involved in this. They have been contracted with since 2008 to run dope for Obama and the Berliner boys, in exchange for not attacking America. Obama pulled them out like Bill Clinton of his Kosovo War to overthrow all the Muslim Brohood states….Obama has been using al Qaeda as his thugs for years. al Qeada is Obama’s Muslim Revolution which sows back to the bana Nazi’s of Egypt.
The only thing of note in this, is Obama’s al Qaeda contracted for a better deal and that is what surprised Chris Stevens and Hillary Clinton as “these were Obama’s terrorists”.

It is all in the Obama ledger for 2012 and back years. It is in the NSA files and none of this is secret as when Lebanon is breaking stories, they are being fed directly from Tehran like the Iran Contra deal.

Just call this Barack Obama’s ANALGATE.

nuff said…..except the cherry was broken here once again.

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