Libyan Epiphany: Tomahawks Trump Teachers

[Editor’s note: This article by Dean HENDERSON was initially published in March 21st 2011, at the beginning of the aggressive war of the US and NATO against Libya.]



Events of the past week crystallized the profound hypocrisy and immorality of the American body politic. If you’ve retained any semblance of your humanity, after decades of desensitization at the hands of the military-industrial mafia and their titillating lapdog media, you could not escape the glaring epiphany of a nation with disturbing priorities.

Japan suffered a natural disaster of historic magnitude, is battling an epic nuclear meltdown just as the world was reassured that nuclear power was safe, and struggles to feed its population – especially the elderly in nursing homes. The US has seven large military bases in Japan. The country’s largest ports remain open and undamaged. Yet, instead of focusing every resource at our disposal on the Japanese cataclysm, the Obama Administration – at the urging of colonial masters Britain and France – decided to bomb Libya.

Our erudite and eager-to-please cowboy President pulled a Butch Cassidy and tried to hide out in South America, apparently unaware that most of that continent enjoys better relations with Libya than with the US. American exceptionalism was in short supply. But the empirical band played on.

Republicans – who had busied their fat little fingers (between large slices of American pie) laying waste to unions – quickly abandoned their months-long collective tirade on the merits of fiscal conservatism. While Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gleefully handed out pink slips to teachers, General Dynamics demonically ramped up production of its Tomahawk missiles. Defense and oil stocks soared.

Each Tomahawk that blasts a depleted-uranium hole in Libya costs the US taxpayer $1.5 million. As of today, the bill for decimating and decapitating the Libyan people came to $112 million – a small price to pay for a good old fashioned genocide. Rest assured there won’t be a peep out of Republicans as the Pentagon bounces checks to a familiar array of war profiteers.

If education was a national priority, by my calculations we could have instead paid 2,240 teachers $50,000/year and come out even on the Tomahawk expenditure.

But education is not a national priority. Neither is helping faithful ally Japan – whose citizens are tired, scared and starving. Instead, deficit-be-damned, our national priority is to bend over and lick the filthy blood-stained boots of the Rothschild-led City of London-based banking/oil/insurance/reinsurance/mining/agribusiness/pharmaceutical/ syndicate, which will now steal Libya’s petroleum – on our dime.

This cabal seeks to depopulate the planet of useless eaters, monopolize its resources and amplify its own hegemony by throwing the entire global economy into the speculative realm on its various stock exchanges. They are financial parasites who destroy the wealth of all others while enhancing their own.

Under the auspices of yet another “madman-elimination” Crusade, America was again led by the nose down a well-worn path to serve as Hessianized mercenary force for these self-declared Illuminati bankers.

As if to foreshadow the Libyan madness, the day before Operation Odyssey Dawn commenced, NASA fired a Taurus XL rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The rocket misfired and plummeted into the Pacific Ocean, taking a cool $424 million beneath the waves with it. The boys making space toys, “fiscally-conservative” by a country mile, simply returned to their sandboxes to build more rockets – on your dime.

Were it not for the gravity of the situation, this March madness would all be quite comical. But the stakes are high, especially for America.

Republican words do not match their deeds. They could care less about budget deficits. They enjoy kicking around the weak while licking the boots of the wealthy. These grateful un-rich climbers with callous-free hands love to bash workers while bending over for corporate bosses. Better still to place a yellow ribbon on a minivan and feel patriotic about writing yet another gazillion dollar check to General Dynamics or some other Illuminati defense subsidiary. They are Pavlov’s dogs and they are cowards. Their much-vaunted “American values” do not exist. They are yes-men in the service of City of London bankers. And they are destroying our nation.

President Butch Cassidy, most Democrats, and what pathetically passes for the “American left” didn’t fare much better during this time of epiphany. Naïve is the word that comes to mind. From the very beginning of the Gaddafi demonization redux, liberals took the bait. It was cool to make fun of Gaddafi. It felt good to be on the winning side. The star-gazers felt a colonial duty – even a moral imperative – to intervene in Libya on behalf of…well the Libyans.

It didn’t matter that the “peaceful opposition” had fighter planes, RPGs and SAMs. No big deal that many belonged to al Qaeda of the Mahgreb. The media – both corporate and “alternative”– told Americans that these CIA/MI6/Mossad surrogates were the good guys and by God that was good enough for the sheeple.

But altruistic intentions fail when intellectual rigor, historical astuteness and political theory are lacking. Let’s face it. Americans are increasingly dumb about the world. It’s what happens when education takes a back seat to the military-industrial complex.

Yet larger cracks have emerged in the neo-colonial house of cards. Our alchemical dominion over nature has proven tenuous and downright lethal as the Fukushima reactors continue to spew radiation. Our dependence on Middle East oil has taken center stage.

We spurn progressive world leaders and support Gulf State kings, just as pan-Arab revolution gathers momentum and threatens to sweep these medieval relics aside. Are European monarchs next? How can America, a nation founded by revolution against monarchy and which fancies itself the very bedrock of democracy in the world, support monarchy in any form in the 21st century?

Maybe the reason the whacko right-wing cries for “American exceptionalism” is because they know we longer are exceptional. If we really were, we wouldn’t need to go around blathering about it. We would show some humility, lose our worn-out free market dogma and just BE exceptional.

Events of the past week – both despite and because of their gruesomely hypocritical nature – can result in a quantum leap in the revolutionary consciousness of humankind if only we are able to grasp their significance.

Maybe Americans need more time off so they can travel abroad more. Maybe if they supported unions they would get that time off to travel. Maybe if they traveled more and shopped less, helping Japan would be a national priority and bombing Libya would be considered the absurdity that it is.

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