Iran Raps French FM’s Irresponsible Comments

Ramin Mehman-Parast

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast dismissed the recent remarks by the French foreign minister on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, and reiterated that such allegations, which have been made under political pressures, are “irresponsible”.

The Islamic Republic of Iran considered France as an advocate of the role of international organizations and their affiliated institutions, but now it seems that the French government is moving away from its traditional stands in the international arena, he stressed on Wednesday.

How can the French foreign minister speak of the danger of Iran’s access to nuclear weapons while fully ignoring the inspections of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the past years that have rejected Iran’s diversion from peaceful purposes,” Mehman-Parast asked.

Mehman-Parast expressed the hope that Fabius would not repeat the mistakes of some former French officials who had adopted “radical and unrealistic” stands against Iran.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on October 21 that Iran looked to be on course to what he called as reaching its goal of producing nuclear weapons by mid-2013. 

Washington and its Western allies accuse Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian nuclear program, while they have never presented any corroborative evidence to substantiate their allegations. Iran denies the charges and insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Tehran stresses that the country has always pursued a civilian path to provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.

Despite the rules enshrined in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) entitling every member state, including Iran, to the right of uranium enrichment, Tehran is now under four rounds of UN Security Council sanctions for turning down West’s calls to give up its right of uranium enrichment.

Tehran has dismissed West’s demands as politically tainted and illogical, stressing that sanctions and pressures merely consolidate Iranians’ national resolve to continue the path.

Tehran has repeatedly said that it considers its nuclear case closed as it has come clean of IAEA’s questions and suspicions about its past nuclear activities.

A 2008 report of the IAEA by the then Director-General, Mohamed ElBaradei, thanked Iran’s honest cooperation in removing ambiguities about its past activities and confirmed that Iran has answered all the six outstanding questions of the world body about the nuclear material and activities that it had had in the past.

Source: Fars News

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