US President – Master of Drones

Whoever becomes the next president of the United States this will be the most powerful person in the world. Under the US law, the President has the right to take unilateral decisions on starting a large scale war or conducting local military operations.

“The President in every possible instance shall consult with Congress before introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities” – that is an extract from the War powers resolution passed on November 7, 1973.

Since 1974, the have been more than 50 cases when US Presidents asked for the Congress’ sanction for conducting military operations. The geography of these military operations included the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and other countries.

However the President does not disturb the Congress on such “nothings” as for example a clutter of mujahedeens somewhere in Pakistan. Without any sanction President orders the army to kill them by means of unmanned flying vehicles or drones. The drones are multi purpose vehicles, Bruce Fein, the former juridical advisor of Reagan’s administration said in an interview with the “Voice of Russia”.

Americans, including industrialists, financiers and presidents, sincerely perceive the United States as a country tasked with promotion of messianic ideas. In the past few years, America has often acted as a world policeman, while its president has played the role of a prosecutor or a judge. According to the Watson Institute for International Studies, a possible anti-terror war will cause about 4 trillion dollars in damages in the United States. Meanwhile, the US’ military operations in the Middle East show no signs of ending.

However, Arabs and Muslims refuse to perceive Americans as fighters against terrorism, Afif Osman of the Lebanese University told the Voice of Russia on Thursday.

“We see the army intruding into our house and promising to save us from terrorism,” Osman says. “But we cannot understand what terrorism they are talking about. In Iraq, for example, terrorism, banditry and inter-confessional strife appeared only after the US’ invasion, and Al-Qaeda appeared in Iraq only after Americans. It is safe to assume, therefore, that the US itself creates enemies and fights them in a show of force,” Osman concludes.

Some experts say that the US is implementing the “Obama project” in the Middle East, where the incumbent US President acts as a “good policeman”. Regardless of the results of the upcoming presidential elections, America will continue to conduct experiments related to the notorious “theory of chaos”. The “Arab Spring” has already become the first result of the practical use of this theory, a topic that we will cover in detail in a separate commentary.

Source: Voice Of Russia

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