Analgate: Quid Pro & Ho


By Lame Cherry

When one examines the murder of Sheik bin Laden’s corpse, it’s head is a dead Muslim, it’s body is a pile of seals and it’s anus is Benghazi Libya. It is all the same whore and it’s price has been before thee entire world.

Forget or overlook for a moment that 300 million dollars in illegal bribes of credit card fraudulent electronic currency which the Obama 2008 campaign took in illegally and these Muslim Brotherhood donors have been awarded with nations from Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, with work on Syria and Israel.

Remember though what this diversion from Barack Hussein Obama’s forged birth documents, the fraud of installing this Designer Negro into 1600 Penn Avenue and the costs of keeping this Eurasian asset of the global elite in power.

This is not blackmailing John Roberts of the Supreme Court for Obamacare. This is not bribes to Nancy Pelosi and Darrell Issa for no investigations of Obama. This is not even about billions in bribes to Obama donors for “green” projects which funnel back into the Obama billion dollar campaign. This is tangibles of what takes place when a fraud like Barry Chin starts utilizing the resources of these United States to keep hisself in power and how it spirals out of existence in his rising to the terror leader of al Qaeda run out of Washington, DC.

This will be broken down into three segments explaining all of this in Joseph Farah English as those brats whose heads hurt in reading this poetic nuance, do need to get this information as this is all too much for their little souls to ingest.

Barack Obama is like Adolf Hitler in understanding that the mob of little people can never rise to tell the whopper lies which Obama does, so they are too frightened to question the lies of Mr. Obama, and the mob requires being told what they are witnessing is criminal, so they know these actions are criminal.


The is the king pin of all of this as it ties into all the bribes and murders which followed. There are two realities in this in either the Sheik was assassinated by a Pakistani a decade ago as was reported or was as this blog noted, the Sheik survived and was in Xiangxang China for a number of years under medical care from the Chicoms.
Xiangxang has merit in evidence by what took place in the bin Laden compound, meaning B. Hussein Obama made certain to leave billions of dollars in stealth research on the ground there for the Chinese communists to confiscate.

This was the Chicoms payment for the handing over of the bin Laden DNA, which they possessed and why Obama dithered on this, and it was why as this blog exposed that Mr. Obama could not have known it was the Sheik’s DNA when he reported it, as it would have taken hours longer to run the tests, even if it was in downtown London, and weeks longer coming out of Pakistan.

Pakistan received in 2011 as a bribe from this operation, over 7 billion dollars. That was a tremendous spike in foreign aid as the combined total was “only” 20 billion dollars over the 10 years since it started in the war on terror.

U.S. Aid to Pakistan Falls Short of Goals, Officials Say –

May 1, 2011 – A $7.5 billion aid package, intended to bolster Pakistan’s government and win friends for the United States, is foundering on fears of corruption …

This is what the Pakistani’s bribe was for the shooting of the actors in the bin Laden compound, so a medical technician would be able to examine a body which would then be dumped into the ocean, hiding the evidence, that this was not the Sheik.

U.S. Aides Believe China Examined Stealth Copter –

Aug 14, 2011 – Officials believe Pakistan let Chinese engineers photograph the … Part of a damaged helicopter at Osama bin Laden’s compound after the …

So for the murder of a corpse, to hide Barack Obama’s birth certificate, the blood on his hands Obama had 5 actors murdered, it cost 7.5 billion dollars in bribes to Pakistan, and several hundred billion dollars in stealth technology handed over to the Chicoms for the bin Laden DNA.


Since the inception of the Obama regime, he has had a simple deal worked out with al Qaeda which has been exclusively covered only here.

The deal was in several parts:

The taking over the trafficking of the world drug trade for the elites.
The positioning of US Soldiers to be easily murdered by new combat protocols.
The handing over of Nationalist Muslim nations for their Shira rule
The assassinations of Muslim competitors utilizing the US military

It was the agreement of the combat protocols which is what got Team Six mass murdered, as the “affront” to the Ca’an al Qaeda leadership in one of their corpses being murdered, even if it was paid for Obama actors was something they would not abide by.
In the agreement, US Soldiers would be slaughtered in Asia, and al Qaeda would not come into America proper and disrupt the illusion that Mr. Obama was a Nobel man of peace. Ca’an in their outrage immediately started initiating plans of retaliation for this breach of the Obama agreement, and to which the Sharia insiders inside the Obama regime, who have been from Day One feeding al Qaeda direct information, along with feeding information to Iran’s Persian communists which allowed them to murder all of the Iranian Patriots in their uprising, took it upon themselves for Mr. Obama to coordinate an operation for the gung ho SEALS.

The rules murdering our troops –

Sep 24, 2009 – In Afghanistan, our leaders are complicit in the death of each soldier, … to the Obama Way of War by imposing rules of engagement that could …

The SEALS overstepped their boundaries when Mr. Obama sent them in to murder the corpse of bin Laden. They were exposed after that, especially when they were outed by the regime. Ca’an al Qaeda wanted blood in this sport and deliberately demanded all of Team Six, so an operation was instituted in al Qaeda would attack a US asset in a canyon, draw in American support, and in the firefight, orders would be given from the “overseer of al Qaeda protocols” to send in Team Six in one transport.

Seal Team 6 Copter Shoot Down: Is the CIA Erasing Evidence of the…

By John Galt August 7, 2011 09:30 ET. As many of my readers and listeners know, I am not much for conspiracies from the extreme woo-woo land, but every now …

Knowing the flight route was simple as all US forces have directional beacons on them, and the al Qaeda missile donors were tracking the flight, and it was a simple matter of locking onto the helo, and another Obama debt was paid for his forged birth documents.


Segment 3 was an operation which “dawned” when the Sheik bin Laden card was removed by Dr. Jerome Corsi in the forced outing of the Obama Birth Abstract. There had to be a replacement October Surprise for the Obama campaign to gain a spike in the polls, and it was deemed by Obama’s “dreams” that an event to eclipse George W. Bush on 9 11 and an event to erase Jimmy Carter’s 1980 hostage crisis would be placed before the public in messiah Obama performing another chest thumping miracle.

For those who missed it, that Ben Afleck propaganda about the 1980 hostage crisis in Argo, or whatever that name of the movie was, dovetailed into this, as the second film in the Obama propaganda, as Obama would be successful in hostage rescue where Carter only appeared so in the Afleck flick.

All American security was removed months previously to set the stage for this event. B. Hussein had been absent from security briefings to make certain he could blame others. Ca’an was brought out of Pakistan, through Egypt and into Libya to guide this operation, utilizing the Benghazi terrorists who Obama Soros had leveraged Col. Khadaffi to release, so they would assassinate him and his followers.

Cover for this operation was “fighting Khadaffi’s last hold outs”, but Ca’an knew the mission and decided as the bidding was taking place, that they would tadpole Obama up his rectum and just murder the Americans, because, Obama would be caught flat in wanting the hostages taken, and by the time he figured out what was taking place, he would just have to sit and watch as al Qaeda had the blackmail information to force Obama into a cover up.

Benghazi was supposed to be hostages taken. Obama looking concerned for awhile. Videos released to make it high drama. The luring out of Romney to make the Carter association with Obama, and then just before the debate, Obama would sweep in with SEALS, murder the Muslims, and have Chris Stevens and the SEALS on the White House lawn for two days, so when Debate Night One arrived, Mr. Obama would arrive on stage towering over a politically castrated Mormon Romney…….whose followers had caused all of this with that Christian Muslim bashing tape which found it’s way into production via Mockingbird assets.

What ensued though was the continuing legacy of the illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin, all from his not being a Natural Born Citizen which set all of this off in Forgegate to now Analgate.

Egypt would receive almost a half a billion more in Obama hush money to cover up their knowledge that Ca’an al Qaeda had been given carte blanche from Obama to travel through Egypt for the Benghazi operation.

US Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid … – The New York Times

Sep 28, 2012 – Lawmakers wary of foreign aid in general, and of Egypt’s new … that her office issued even before the administration announced the package.

…..and my children do not forget TURKEYGATE which was exclusively exposed here in B. Hussein has been funnelling US money into Turkey to be used in these Muslim Brohood wars for Obama’s payback of that 300 million dollars he was bribed with in 2008.
This is catastrophically dangerous as Turkey not only is the conduit for Egyptian aid to fill in the gaps, but Turkey is supplying al Qaeda with US Stinger missiles that can shoot down more US, European and Jewish passenger planes.

Egypt: Turkey to Provide $2 Billion in Aid –

Sep 15, 2012 – Turkey will provide a $2 billion aid package to help Egypt finance … The new administration of Egypt’s new president, Mohammed Morsi, is also …

This entire Obama regime exposed in ANALGATE is beyond out of control. It is murder incorporated with murderous SEAL of approval.

Russia claims Syria rebels have U.S.-made Stinger missiles | The …

5 days ago – “We have provided no Stingers of any kind to Syria, nor will we,” said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. “If the Russian …

For all of the blood on Mr. Obama’s hands in this, this blog fully blames all of those from Chris Matthews to Rush Limbaugh for their complicity in this. It is Mark Levin enabling Obama as Ann Coulter lied about the Birthers and smeared them. It is Robert Morton of World Tribune shutting the door on this blog as much as Huffington Post did, in this mass cover up of the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama, as the funding was being threatened to be cut off, if any of that “toxic Lame Cherry” stuff

This is the story of Benghazi and the criminal animal it is. It is years in the making and it is only possible by GOP silence, enabling by right wingers like Mark Levin and the absolute water carrying of gay groups who should have stopped Mr. Obama when he illegally made Lawrence Sinclair a political prisoner to all the Chris Matthews, Ann Coulter and Joy Behar types.
Barack Obama could only have accomplished all of this by Bill Plant, Martha Radditz and Jake Tapper. They guilt and blood is fully on all of these people’s hands.

Team Six sold it’s soul to a false messiah for the glory of “getting” bin Laden, and it got them mass murdered by their Obama’s protectors.

All of this makes me nauseated to ghetto green vomit puke. The masses are a group of little people who require being told in their fears that what they see actually is criminal in bribes, murder and the overthrowing of the US government which is left. They can not comprehend when faced with a myriad of headlines stating bluntly that US Soldiers are being wholesale murdered that it is a real Obama plan to murder them.

The mob can not comprehend that when they see billions in new moneys going to Muslim nations that it is hush money for Obama staged events which blew up in the regime’s face.
The mob can not comprehend such heinous misbehavior, because all they can do is f*ck their married co workers spouse or steal cans of Pepsi from the company store room.

Guilt over Pepsi makes Obama guilt less something the mob cares to face, so the escalation continues as Foster Freiss has his Mormon whore and Robert Morton has his World Tribune intelligence feed from Mockingbird and Mark Levin has his fido treats as Rush Limbaugh fondles his blondeberry.

What follows is my children what this blog has warned you of. There is a Dr. Germ who released a new weaponized version of West Nile from Saddam’s stores as much as an Arab germ bomb. There is the next phase of the Islamocommunist nuclear bombs. There is all of this coming now in the Barack Obama payment plan and America will pay for this as it escalates.
Without B. Hussein at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, these WMD’s are coming to America as al Qaeda and Eurasia will have no reason to not bring down America, as the Obama golden goose is finished whether Obama is in office or not.

You need to be told these things my children, as the mob does not want to deal with the Designer Negro and his policy he has left as his illegitimate legacy on the American grave.

Barack Obama has left America in utter ruin as this blog predicted would take place by Inspiration in 2009. This failed occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will face impeachment if he steals this election

You now have the information in complete connect the dots in exclusives only found here tying this all up, and viewed from the Obama Abyss.

The Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusives continue by God’s Grace.

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