ANALGATE: The Final Seal Broken

By Lame Cherry, “the always expert is the expert always”

My children, it is a worrisome thing when Iranian communist television actually is uncovering more facts about Benghazi than FOX television, even if it is rather tainted. It does reveal though why you are fortunate to have your popular girl explaing the elephant you only see parts of behind the curtain.

Another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive on this blog’s exclusive of ANALGATE………

This is a tale of the military part in Benghazi in what was taking place and what took place after the anal intrusion.
I will preface this with a question:
If Muhammed has a sheep and the haj party has none, does Muhammed deny them sex with his sheep in having only one or does Muhammed say, “Brother’s come dip your couscous in my sauce and enjoy as my sheep is your sheep”.
Of course you are saying now, “How the hell would I know that as I’m not Muslim or Teddy Kennedy in having sheep sex!!!!!!”

Pretty good answer my children, but you miss the point in if missiles in Libya were released to terrorists to shoot down Khadaffi’s fighter jets, perhaps did not Obama’s original terrorists share them with his new Afghanistani imported terrorists………….who said, “No thank you brothers, as I just got a dozen from Turkey to shoot down Assad’s fighter jets blowing up my brothers there”.

Let that soak in a little in the menagarie FOX is distracting you from and you have only heard eluded to here.

Let this blog by Inspiration explain as some folks want Miachia on the bread and water diet for telling things. You have had all the clues my children. CIA and DOD handing over advanced munitions to the Libyans to murder Khadaffi and his followers. Patraeus lying to Congress that anyone could fire precision mortars on target.

Now my children let me take you by the hand again and walk you through this so you can be an expert too and laugh at FOX plagiarism as the tourists try to catch up.

On the night of the September Obama anal rape, there was much more planning involved than just cutting off security and being fed safe house information from inside the regime hostage taking campaign sources.
Ca’an, the elite group of al Qaeda Afghanistan who shot down the Navy Team Six SEALS helicopter in being provided like information for Benghazi, had pulled out an old Speznatz playbook which Sheik bin Laden had been teaching and which you need to be reminded of.
Do you recall these Muslims in America taking pictures after 9 11, and standing around taking information on which routes security and rescue were taking when they called in false alarms?
Cobwebs stirring now, in they had protocols to create an event and then add to it in murdering the rescuers?
Does Team Six’s operation against them start sounding a bit more familiar?

Understand why the Benghazi terror attack took so long. The Ca’an were waiting for someone to arrive, as in more SEALS.

You do not get the taunt do you. CIA had people on the ground one mile from the attack watching everything. There was at least one drone operational giving direct visual feed. There was the intelligence reality that CIA, DOD and the regime knew exactly the weapons Chris Stevens was attempting to recover, included SAM’s………..the same SAM’s which this blog reported were used to threaten Sarah Palin out of the 2012 elections or they would be used to blow her plane out of the sky?

Sound familiar now my children?

Obama’s hostage taking terrorists evolved into anal rapist murderers, put on a show that night besides porn. There were SAM’s there waiting on the approach routes and Ca’an’s Benghazi operation was to not just rape Chris Stevens in public before murdering him, but to murder helo’s full of Navy SEALS again as they so enjoyed it when Obama taught them to enjoy the meal the first time.

As an exclusive here, Chris Stevens was anal raped on live camera when the calls for help from the Americans did not bring in the SEALS. It was graduated to the next level in torturing Stevens in front of DOD, CIA and the inner circle, that it would move them to send in those SEALS as was intended from the start in this multi level operation.

General Carter Ham, Commander of AFRICOM

On that night Gen. Carter Ham of AFRICOM on hearing the pleading calls from the Americans, immediately did what rapid response was designed to do, and that was respond immediately. Gen. Ham overroad the Obama regime, CIA and DOD in theater and was launching a counterstrike.
To reveal how close the regime was monitoring this, when the General issued his orders, he was within moments countermanded and relieved of command by his second, an Obama stooge minder uniform wearer named, Gen. David Rodriguez.
These political officers were not all removed under Bush / Cheney.

If Gen. Ham’s orders had been initiated, the SEALS would have been shot out of the air. Obama though was not concerned in the least about the SEALS being murdered in mass again, but the absolute fiasco it would have done in tarnishing his re election theft, and, mahdi forbid as Obama still thought at the early stages that this was a hostage operation which he designed with his group to exploit as was first exposed here.

Admiral Charles Gaouette, Commander of the USS Johnn C. Stenis Carrier Strike Group

Into this floated Admiral Charles M.Gaouette, a highly respected war leader. He was in command of the Stennis carrier group, and this group on September 11, 2012 was still in the Indian Ocean on way to the Benghazi theater.

The Islamocommunists were reporting that the Admiral was part of a military coup against Obama, in a Jewish operation, but in that is a slight grain of truth. Admiral Gaouette was relieved of command which is the end of his career, but he was removed because as a Naval officer, he was going to be a part of the investigation and what has been taking place concerning the sacrificing of the Navy SEALS who went gung ho for Obama.

Now you should my children start making sense of the workings of the brier patch and how the Enigma has been the only one who has been setting this information on the right course as FOX and others planting stories in this, have been attempting to steer this wrong.

It was confidential conversations of the Admiral which were picked up that got him relieved, and the Iranians knew of this “free speech” ,because of their contacts inside the Obama regime who have been assisting them from Day One.

What Benghazi was about in the Gen. Ham and Admiral Gaouette compartment was the exposure that the Obama regime has been and still is, arming al Qaeda with sophisticated weapons, which have been and are intended to murder Americans.
The reason Benghazi dragged out for 7 hours, was the Obama sponsored terrorists were trying to prod a response to sweeten the pot with dead SEALS.

Sec. Panetta had ships on station. There was help waiting and that is what his Monday Morning quarterbacking comment was about, because Panetta knew the Stingers were waiting for the SEALS and was not going to have a repeat of Afghanistan.
Gen. Ham was willing to take the risk, but was removed from command to hide the hostage operation going on and the “Stingers” in arming the terrorists is what Panetta was using for the cover, as all hell should have broken loose when that fact of ANALGATE was revealed.

Now my children, you know more of the story as FOX leads you away from the story. Military careers have been destroyed like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and now two tops, because this foreigner B. Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin was hiding his birth origins, and in the process becoming the head of al Qeada from 1600 Penn Avenue while arming terrorists with sophisticated weapons in his “Muslim Brohood Spring”.
Those weapons were why help was not sent in. On several fronts B. Hussein Obama deliberately and directly got the Americans in Afghanistan and Libya murdered in mass, from Soldiers on the ground to rectums in the air.

Analgate: The Final SEAL Broken, another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

agtG 304 YY

Shelling a General

Torpedo an Admiral

Obama’s Persian Press

and the band played on

“They” are running hard on this in attempting to deflect from the Afghanistan SEAL murders connection, and transport through Egypt, to be outing the following Obama Muslims. These were one part of this assembled operation, but the real “heads” are out of country and their names are being protected from top down.


First, an FBI investigative team was delayed for weeks in gaining access to the burned out Benghazi compound.
Then, the New York Times interviewed one of the ringleaders of the attackers in Benghazi, Ahmed Abu Khattala, openly dining at a luxury hotel in Benghazi. Abu Khattala said Oct. 18 that no one had questioned him about the attack.
Abu Khattala is a member of the al Qaeda-linked militia Ansar al Sharia, which is believed to have carried out the attack.
Additionally, Tunisian authorities detained Ali Harzi, an Ansar al Sharia member and one of the men suspected of carrying out the Sept. 11 attack. Harzi and another terrorist were arrested in Turkey and returned to Tunis. The other man is reportedly free.
Bill GertzThe other manreportedly free was an intelligence asset who has been shepherding things directly for B. Hussein Obama and has the highest clearance. His being outed here is due to the reality he took part in a hostage taking operation for Obama, is connected to the Islamocommunist overthrow of Nationalist Muslims and stood by as these Americans were used as bait for this slaughter.Key note* SEALS are not involved in these operations as information has spread to their targeting domestic elements and their interest in garnering exact information on ground, instead of working assassination squads as are now being deployed to bury this entire menagerie machination which has been exposed here.

“They” are doing their damnedest now to end this and rewrite it to the fiction which will suit the need.

agtG  215, 306Y

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