Forbidden History

In 2008, Nebraska based investor Warren Buffett endorses Barack Obama. This gives Obama much needed protective political cover. People reason that if the “capitalist” Buffett supports Obama, then he can’t be that bad.

In 2009, Warren Buffett’s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchases the Burlington-Northern railroad outright, to the tune of 34 Billion!

Obama loves to cite “The Buffett Rule” (tax hike on rich investors) to add credibility to his own class warfare rhetoric. Obama even goes so far as to borrow Buffett’s secretary as a prop during a State of the Union speech.

In order to transport its oil down to Texas refineries, the Trans-Canada oil company proposes the construction of “the Keystone Pipeline” pipeline. It is estimated that this project will create 20,000 jobs.

Bold Nebraska, an environmentalist group, begins agitating against the pipeline deal. Bold Nebraska’s founding donor (string puller) is Richard Hollanda Berkshire Hathaway business associate and friend of 40 years to Warren Buffet!

Inexplicably, Obama kills the pipeline. The oil will have to be transported on Buffett’s railroad! Compared to pipelines, railway transportation is costlier and wastes energy!

The monopolistic capitalist and the Marxist demagogue actually have much in common. Both are CONTROL FREAKS! One hand washes the other!

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