Recordings: This Is How MP Saqr Epuips Syria Rebels

Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper started Thursday publishing recordings that unveil some of Future MP Okab Saqr’s involvement in supporting Syrian rebels.

The published facts illustrated only part of Saqr’s role in supplying weapons and providing logistic support, under the directions of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

In this context, the three episodes included documented information and testimonies from sources close to Saqr. It unveiled some audio recordings related to arming, management, military operations, bombings, and assassinating
Moreover, the daily noted “the recordings were obtained from a source close to Saqr, who works in one of the operation rooms that were established to support the rebels.
“There are three military operation rooms located in the Turkish cities of Antioch, Adana and Istanbul,” the source said, and pointed out “there is a special building for Saqr in Florea, Istanbul.”

He further uncovered that “meetings are held from time to time at Saqr’s residence.”
“Around 20 young men from various Syrian provinces direct these rooms and coordinate with armed opposition groups leaders in order to provide the necessary funding and arms as well as to direct the move of fighters to areas under siege or attack,” the paper added.
In parallel, it unveiled that “all such moves are under the supervision of Turkish and Qatari intelligence officers.”
The “al-Akhbar” source also stated “all this was going under the name of “Space”, a term adopted to refer to communication devices operating via satellite, specifically Chandelier devices and Iridium.”
“We believe that Saqr ruined our revolution with his crazy actions,” he added, and noted “we objected the decision to send arms to inhabited areas. However, he insisted on his hysterical decisions without any concern for people’s life.”

Furthermore, the source underscored that “the Lebanese MP distributed money to the leaders of armed groups, without distinction between the assassin, the mercenary, and the national rebels.”
“Saqr refused on more than one occasion to provide financial aid to wounded civilians or refugees on the grounds,” he clarified.

Here’s one of the text of one of the recordings between MP Saqr and one of the leaders of the armed Syrian opposition.

Abu Numan (commander of one of the militant groups):
 as-Salm Alikoum [Peace be upon you]

Saqr: Waliakom [You Too]

Abu Numan: 
Sir, we are greatly trapped and besieged. Two more days and our region will fall due to artillery and bombardment. They are shelling us from all sides. Please we need help. We want weapons.

Saqr: Tell me what do you need specifically? The kind and amounts?

Abu Numan: I mean, in reality, we want around RPGs and 20 throwers, and if possible 250 thousand Russian bullets and 300 qualitative guns.

Saqr: All of this, what area are you talking about?

Abu Numan:
 Izaz, Tel Rifat Andan, and the entire Aleppo countryside. You know the situation. Since yesterday, they are surrounding us from three sides of Idlib. And the Shabiha are emerging from inside Aleppo.

Saqr: Who will receive the weapon and where? How will the operation be done?

Abu Numan: As usual, the delivery is to be divided. Abu Bara will be there with young people and cars to transfer them to Aleppo. The need is big and the shelling continues while the groups are separated. There is no ammunition. Every fighter has only one or two bullet storages and the consumption is great. So, please manage it. God protect you. I don’t know what to say. After God, we have no body but you.

Saqr: You’ll be present in the delivery?

Abu Numan: No, my brother Abu Nour will be there with the fighters and cars. As usual they will receive them from you.

Source: al-Akhbar Lebanese daily, Translated and Edited by

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