Obama Weapons of Mass Destruction


By Lame Cherry
After the election theft by B. Hussein Obama in the 2008 election he sought to smash the Middle East and form it in his own image.

After the election theft by B. Hussein Obama in 2012, he is now intent on moving this to Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Lame Duck Congress diversion of “financial cliffs” as stories are being placed concerning Turkey is asking NATO for missile defense for Syrian chemical weapons, and now Hillary Clinton is placing more AP stories about the Assad Syrians are moving chemical weapon components about the nation.

Let this blog in matter and anti matter exclusive explain this, and even if not allowed by your good natures, it is still going to accomplish this for God’s Glory as I obey Him.

When it states “components” that is nothing more than whatever it could be from water or an oil base, as they too are utilized in WMD’s.

I will remind you children again though of something just posted in this in Saddam’s Spelling Bee and the reality that Saddam’s hidden Weapons of Mass Destruction from German and allied European components placed inside Syria, are going to be showing up again, and here the stories are being planted by the Obama regime over Syrian chemical weapons.
Lame Cherry right again.

“We have made our views very clear: This is a red line for the United States,” Clinton told reporters. “I’m not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the Assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against

The credible evidence has already been manufactured and all it requires is Obama’s dithering appointment with destiny as this is all on a timetable like all things Obama is on years in the planning schedule.

What this is about is a reality of Obama owes his regime to the Berlin aristocracy. That is why he went to Berlin in 2008 for his rock concert at Hitler’s favorite monument. I keep telling you this stuff all comes full circle and it does.

Obama has this legacy things about disarming Jews and Persians of nuclear weapons. He needs a stepping stone in the last phase to Iran, and that step is called Syria, which Obama is intent on turning over to al Qaeda.

I have touched on this previously, and will do so again in more detail here. Obama runs al Qaeda and is in league as a member of the communist Muslim Brotherhood. He has turned over Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Iraq etc… over to these Islamocommunists, for that 300 million in illegal campaign donations in 2008 he received.

These secular Muslims were promised administration duties in managing the Middle East Caliph for the Neo Roman Empire as cross silk roads trade with the New Asian Order which Obama has been setting up headquartered in Peking and Indochina.

The elite in this want Jerusalem as their international capital and as their religious capital. They are a minority this Ashkenaz and aristocracy and need to thin out right wing Jews and to foment a war to scare the “peace” into the mobs of Eurasia.

That is what Saddam’s missing WMD’s are for and is the booger in the Obama snot in this, as Bush43 covered this all up to keep Europe from going through Watergate governmental destruction as Saddam was bribing through Bill Clinton’s oil for food deal, everyone and buying crap loads of chemical, biological and nuclear materials for his Babylonian Empire vision.

So in the real world of clean WMD’s, the cleanest of course are chemical weapons. Nuclear weapons take too much resource and kill too long.
Biologicals can not be contained and sleep to kill later.

The best of the mix for the cartel is chemical weapons, as they can be localized, one can dump cadavers into the scene for effect, reporters are scared to go poking about, and the best of the mix is a nice fire will cleanse it all.

The cartel is informing you for the Obama degradation that chemical weapons are being placed on the block in Turkey and now Hilary Clinton (apparently this blog exposing Powellgate has Colin hiding up his anus in not wanting to be fingered disclosing illegally classified information again.) through unnamed sources is sowing the seeds of Saddam’s Spelling Bee of WMD’s into the mix, as a reason to destroy Syria if it is necessary……necessary being that this is the last leverage threat against dictator Assad to get him to flee to be hung later to shut him up.

The war game scenario is simple and it has effective requirements that the European Ashkenaz for their aristocratic masters must have.

First phase will require the neutralization of all these terror Muslims which Obama has placed in power. That would mean a “fear factor” retaliation in most likely effect in the Jews being blamed.

The Jews would be retaliating due to being attacked by WMD’s from Syria.

Let me state something here in Bashir Assad is not this stupid in every using chemical weapons on these terrorists Obama put into Syria. This story floating about is one of al Qaeda has these weapons and more as they have been crawling about Syria for Obama for years taking new toys like………..Benghazi in Chris Stevens and his gay parade were murdered trying to recover weapons Obama gave terrorists in Libya.

So this is the scenario in WMD’s must be implemented as they are a smoking gun, and the retaliation will take place obliterating the real trail to the perpetrators as Assad is blamed.

It is factored that the new Philistine state will have to be leveled in this mix to, and this is why they were given their own United Nations nation. I told you children that this means war, as nations make war on other nations. This is the worst situation for the Palestinians, as now one of their missiles too can loaded with Saddam chemicals by an Obama operative, so Gaza can be a ruin too.

You have to comprehend that not all these communist Muslims are the same. There are factions in the factions and promising some new Arafat the leadership on the graves of a hundred thousand other Marxists is a great deal. It is the deal that Obama has always run, and it is the Ashkenaz model in how they will take control over the Jewish state in time.

Get globalist traitors inside movements to start WMD things and then hide while your leaders get slaughtered, and you emerge as an Obama boy leading the new movement as was planned all along.

Factor two in this would require certain things like the Dome of the Rock being blasted in the “exchange” which of course is blamed on the dead in missiles not going where they should, so all can have an international peace Temple, which the Bible states the anti Christ offers to satan in during this peace treaty and that sets off the end times cycle.

Dictator Assad is being set up with an offer if he refuses will have him blamed for chemical weapon attacks which should bring nuclear responses to clean the slate for the next Obama phase for his legacy.

Assad should not count on President Putin as the reality is Obama is being more flexible and Syria is in the sacrificial orgy for Putin has his own ideas of Greater Russia as he tries to deal with the new China card being played in China is going to allow baby production again.

I will touch on that soon as all have missed that too in the problem that is going to create.

That is the crux of the Obama Weapons of Mass Destruction in Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusives. The safety is off and the hammer is cocked. Obama is ready to pull this trigger and has full Berlin backing.

Obama will do this as the demon must be fed.

agtG 321Y

Official: Syria moving chemical weapons components

Dec 3, 9:16 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. and allied intelligence have detected Syrian movement of chemical weapons components in recent days, a senior U.S. defense official said Monday, as the Obama administration again warned the Assad regime against using chemical weapons on Syrian rebels.
A senior defense official said intelligence officials have detected activity around more than one of Syria’s chemical weapons sites in the last week. The defense official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about intelligence matters.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in Prague for meetings with Czech officials, reiterated President Barack Obama’s declaration that Syrian action on chemical weapons was a “red line” for the United States that would prompt action.

“We have made our views very clear: This is a red line for the United States,” Clinton told reporters. “I’m not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the Assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against

She didn’t address the issue of the fresh activity at Syrian chemical weapons depots, but insisted that Washington would address any threat that arises.

The senior defense official said the U.S. does not believe that any Syrian action beyond the movement of components is imminent.

Syria is believed to have several hundred ballistic surface-to-surface missiles capable of carrying chemical warheads.

Its arsenal is a particular threat to the American allies, Turkey and Israel, and Obama singled out the threat posed by the unconventional weapons earlier this year as a potential cause for deeper U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war. Up to now, the United States has opposed military intervention or providing arms support to Syria’s rebels for fear of further militarizing a conflict that activists say has killed more than 40,000 people since March 2011.
Clinton said that while the actions of President Bashar Assad’s government have been deplorable, chemical weapons would bring them to a new level.

“We once again issue a very strong warning to the Assad regime that their behavior is reprehensible, their actions against their own people have been tragic,” she said. “But there is no doubt that there’s a line between even the horrors that they’ve already inflicted on the Syrian people and moving to what would be an internationally condemned step of utilizing their chemical weapons.”

Klapper reported from Prague.

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