‘Lone Gunman’: Suspicious Similarities, Norwegian, Australian, American Shooters

James Holmes and his lawyer
By Douglas Herman, Strike The Root

Exclusive to STR

“We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.” ~ Katherine Graham, Publisher of the Washington Post, in a speech to CIA recruits, 1988

Adam Lanza

I rarely watch the most popular TV shows on American television, the CSI series, because I have a low tolerance for triviality. Behind every great crime, wrote Balzac, is a great fortune. The CSI series focuses mainly on fictional, smalltime crimes while the greatest crimes are rarely investigated. Crimes that affect millions, in reality, are swept under the rug. Nothing to see here; move along. Yet an empire backed into a corner will employ any atrocity, no matter how monstrous. No crime is too great: mass murder, mayhem, school shootings. An empire backed into a corner, controlled by sociopaths and psychopaths, uses any atrocity, no matter how monstrous, if convinced of immunity. All that is happening in every NATO country today is understood by studying Operation Gladio. Terrorize a frightened population until the people cry out for “protection,” for government intervention. The playbook is the same; only the players have changed.

The mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut mirrors exactly the same mass shooting 16 years ago by a man from Newtown, Australia. Both Newtown shooters were, according to news reports, “mentally impaired.” Surprised? People who knew both men beforehand reported them to be non-violent. And yet their command of weaponry, hundreds of fatal shots fired, mirrored a team of special forces soldiers, rather than ONE mentally impaired person. “Whoever was on the trigger in Tasmania managed a kill rate well above that required of a fully trained soldier, an impossible task for a man with Martin Bryant’s mid-sixties IQ and his total lack of military training,” wrote investigator Joe Vialls. “We have already proved in absolute scientific terms that Bryant could not have acted alone.” Unbelievably, Australia CSI also ignored the fact that Bryant was left-handed and the few survivors testified the shooter was right-handed. Predictably, the agenda behind BOTH shootings remains the same. Terrorize people until they clamor for state-sanctioned gun control.

It worked in Australia

The Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania exceeded in deaths the recent Sandy Hook school massacre. The alleged lone gunman killed 35. Legislation swiftly outlawed personal weapons throughout Australia. Only the state security, the same state security that was so slow to arrive in Port Arthur and Norway and Columbine and Virginia Tech would legally possess weapons now in Australia.

Brief History of Mass Shootings in America

Mother Jones magazine recently tracked mass shooting in America back to 1982. What happened only one year earlier? In 1981, just two months after the presidential election, another mentally impaired lone gunman almost killed Ronald Reagan. Ironically, the gunman, John Hinckley, had close family ties to then current Vice President, a former head of the CIA. Of course the mainstream media, like Katherine Graham’s, did not probe deeply or ask uncomfortable questions.

For years the CIA had perfected a semi-secret program called MK Ultra. Mind controlled killers, drugged, hypnotized and programmed to kill and forget on command, could be used as imperial trump cards, to terrorize and then sway the masses. Like Operation Gladio. Or used effectively to remove potential troublemakers and idealists like JFK, MLK or RFK that threatened the empire. The mainstream media would simply echo the lone gunman excuse and the program would continue in place. Nothing to see here; move along.

If you study the faces of these assassins, you see obvious signs of drugged or programmed killers. Arthur Herman Bremer or Jared Lee Loughner or Anders Breivik. Study their faces. Sinister certainly. Drugged and programmed obviously. The agenda behind the mayhem as clear as can be. Problem, reaction, solution. More state security; less personal freedom. No CSI needed.

Similarities of the alleged shooters are too many to be random. Lone Gunman almost always, even when initial reports of second (or third or fourth) suspect sought or caught. Shoddy CSI work in every case, from Bryant to Breivik to Timothy McVeigh to Sirhan Sirhan. Mental case, troubled misfit. Again always. Martin Bryant, Oswald, Breivik, Lanza, Bremer. Manifesto writers or gibberish scribblers, almost all. Which proves convenient motives for criminal nuttiness in the sensational mainstream media. James Holmes, Sueng Cho, Anders Breivik. Unbelievable marksmanship from civilians with no prior experience in weapons. Alleged hatred of the state, or representatives of state: McVeigh, Oswald, Hinckley, Breivik. Yet if the shooters hate the state so much, why target a school full of innocent, unarmed students? McVeigh claimed to have hated the ATF for Waco but he blew up a building with a daycare, killing many innocent children but no ATF. April seems an auspicious month. Columbine, Port Arthur, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma City: All April. Most shooters come from privileged background, upper-middle class. Not just Lanza and Hinckley but school shooters like Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Anders Breivik, James Holmes. All privileged, most on prescription drugs. No motives except those conveniently provided to the mainstream media by the security state.

Some commit suicide. Or are made to look like clumsy suicides. Others surrender and the news media quickly loses interest after the brief, bloody sensation of capture. CSI? Case closed. Nothing to see here; move along. But consider ONE example: Lanza was accused of shooting his mother, but when was the autopsy performed and how exactly was proof of his crime established? Holmes was accused of entering the Aurora theater, but when was videotape released? I can ask dozens more questions that mainstream reporters should ask but don’t. As Katherine Graham said: “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.”

More Shootings To Come?

Sandy Hook, Connecticut is home to Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games. In the book, 24 kids are chosen to die for the entertainment of the masses. Has any mainstream reporter interviewed Collins about the obvious agenda? The illuminati in Hunger Games seek to disarm the masses, divide them, terrorize them – while entertaining the rest of the population. See a pattern here? The Powers That Be (PTB) rarely need to disguise their agenda. Probably before many more sequels to Hunger Games, we’ll witness another monstrous school shooting. Another Anders Breivik is being programmed, another Martin Bryant is being groomed.

One interesting footnote. The final book in The Hunger Games trilogy is Mockingjay. If you study Operation Mockingbird, the clever CIA project to sway the mainstream media and influential members, you realize the deeper you dig, the more real CSI you need.

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