Syrian Army’s operations in Edlib and Damascus countryside


Syrian Army Forces have carried out military operation against Free Army militia

The Army operations have been started in Duma area of Damascus countryside, where Syrian Army killed 18 gunmen near the international road, according to Breaking News Network reporter who assures that there are no victims of Syrian Army.

The reporter points out that other clashes break out near al-Eb bridge between Duma and al-Shefonia, and others in Harasta resulting the death of 12 armed men and many injuries of Syrian Army

Syrian Army targets the militants in Edlib countryside

The forces of Syrian Arab Army have carried out many military operation against the armed militia in Banish town of Edlib countryside, what resulted in the death of 15 armed men, while the army has targeted many spots of the insurgents near Taftanaz airport claiming dozen of deaths

Source: breaking News

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