5 comments on “The Resurrection of Osama Bin Laden

  1. 3 of Gaddafi’s young grandchildren were murdered by a NATO bomb & SMASHED into pieces that were very hard to put together for burial , the eldest was only 3 years and four months. His Youngest son too was killed. The house was a 2 bed one living room one kitchen one bathroom home registered to Gaddafi’s wife. We should all know that Gaddafi liked to stay in a tent and that it had palm trees and camels printed onto the fabric walls. Muammer gave Libyans the power and wealth of their nation in their Jamahiriyah government which was direct democracy of the masses. The dictator Gaddafi is the West’s imaginary bogeyman who is falsely accused of everything but is really a victim of the West, on the receiving end of several of THEIR assassination attempts but the hero Gaddafi, Africa’s Robin Hood is REAL. He is the Robin Hood who shared Libya’s wealth with the poor of Africa and who got the African’s their own satellite system reducing phone calls costs and caused 100s of billions in losses of revenues to the Europeans whose satellites were rented to the Africans at grossly obscene prices. They wanted to kill the hero and rid Africa of her Champion of the poor and oppressed and kill the system he set up. They are still doing this by partial genocide of the MAJORITY of the Libyan people who in a direct democracy ARE the government. Bani Walid, Tripoli and Sirte are heavily attacked by foreign backed sadists * mercenaries STILL. All of these places were over 90% supportive of the Jamahiriyah system. The assassination of the children in Tripoli was covered by the Bin Laden fabricated story.

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