By Voice Of Russia, via E&R

A New PSYOPS is in preparation by NATO and WESTERN FORCES Against Syria. This Time the target will be Russia. After the Fake footage of the Fake Tripoli Green Place shot in Qatar during Libya war. After the Fake Footage of Damascus places also shot in Qatar and Jordan, The Evil Forces of Gulf Monarchies and NATO are preparing another Major PsyOps for Syria. The Western secret services are recruiting Slavonic Actors to make them play the role of Russians Mercenaries recruited by Bashar and captured by The “Free Syrian Army”. The information has been revealed by Russians Operatives to Voice Of Russia.

The ‘actors’ for the coming ‘Show’ are being recruited in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The qualifications required are as follow: having a military experience, or having done a military service, knowledge of weapons use, being able to recognize an antiaircraft defense weapon. Then these soldiers of fortune, will have to acknowledge in front of the camera having been incorporated by Russian Special Services for Illegal Operations to help the Army of Bashar Al-Assad and having been sent to Syria in Russian warships.

The same source of Voice Of Russia said that the shootings will be done inTurkey or Jordan, where huge sets replicating the destroyed Syrian cities have for a long time being used for disinformation.

Same ghosts cities, at the time Libyans, were built in Qatar and in Saudi Arabia in order to put the Blame on Gadhafi. This was cited by Sergueï Demidenko, himself expert at the Strategic Institute:

“As Goebbels used to say, the Bigger the Lie, The Quicker you Believe it. The PsyOps is designed for International Community, the goal is to portrait the Syrian Regime as Cruel and perfidious, that only Hold with the Help of Russia and Iran.”

The Goal of the ‘Screenwriters’ of the future videos about “Russian mercenaries in Syria”is to demonstrate the right of the governments that backed the ‘Syrian rebels’ in their war against Bashar Al-Assad. It’s the opinion of Semion Bagdassarov, an Expert at the Analytic Studies Institute.

The confidential news about this new provocation against Damas and Moscow was published the day where a meeting is being organized in Geneva with Russian and U.S. diplomats and the representative of the United Nations Special Envoy and the Arab Ligue Lakhdar Brahimi.


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