Shimon Peres called the “Arabs to invade the Syria”!

IRIB – this is without a doubt an excellent relationship between the Qatar and Saudi Arabia on the one hand and israel on the other that made the Chairman of the Zionist entity, Shimon Peres, so arrogant. Thursday night he has bluntly proposed a plan to “put Bashar Al-Assad at the door & push him to leave the country”.

“The Arab League must send forces of peace in Syria where they will stay a year or two. It is in these conditions that Assad will be obliged to leave the country” he said admitting half dead failure of the invasion attempts of destabilization of the Syria occupation. These statements are involved while the Advisor to president Assad Ghadri Jamil said the imminent end of the Syrian crisis. “The Government and the opposition are discussed at this moment means to put an end to the presence of terrorists in the country” “the signs before a national agreement runner looming on the horizon and an exit from the crisis is now within our reach”.

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