israël menace la Syrie d’un nouveau raid aérien!

IRIB – Le directeur de l’Institut d’étude sécuritaire nationale d’israël a menacé de frapper à nouveau la Syrie si “celle-ci  envoie de nouveaux convois d’armes au Hezbollah”.

Amos Yadlin cité par Washington Post affirme que “israël agira à chaque fois qu’elle sera en possession des informations concernant l’envoie d’armes et de munition de la Syrie au Liban”

“Il existe quatre sortes d’armement dont israël ne peut tolérer le transfert vers le Hezbollah: le système de défense anti aérien sophistiqué, les missiles balistiques, les missiles modernes côte-mer et les armes chimiques”
il va sans dire que les frappes contre la Syrie seront dangereuses et que nous devons à chaque fois évaluer les risques” .

Cette semaine l’aviation israélienne a violé à des dizaines de reprises le ciel libanais . Trois incursions en l’espace de deux jours ont eu lieu.

One comment on “israël menace la Syrie d’un nouveau raid aérien!

  1. does anyone else find it to be a load of horse shit that syria in the midst of a insurgency/a total full on invasion of their nation that they are diverting weapons and manpower to the east to smuggle weapons to hezbollah? no thats fucking bull shit its just the israelis do not know how not to lie. and they believe they are genetically superior in intelligence to us because they lie and usually get away with it. lying does not require a shred of intelligence only a lack of decency. its ironic that they believe themselves to be genetically superior intellectually than the rest of the world because they are without doubt by far the dumbest people on the planet. only a truly stupid and weak people believe that the more aggressive they are and the more people they kill in occupied territory, and the more they try to control the domestic affairs of foreign nations, and the more insurgent jihadist proxy wars they fund the closer they are to being a failed experiment. the experiment was given that there is this group that hales from everywhere and no where lets gift them a state and spoon feed t all the military and economic advantages imaginable. would the first state to gain independence via international pity rather than fighting for it who has every advantage in military finance and business spoon fed to them be any different from a real nation’s gradual progress that build s national character. i guess the experiment was to see if a country with all of the advantages of actual real countries that make sure they get every advantage necessary to wage ground warfare but none of the character or decency that comes from building a nation/culture. will that character decency and shred of sense that they do not possess be more important in the end to the survival of a nation than a standing army?? that has been proven yes. without morality character and decency in your governing, you simply become a cancer on the world. will they be so self involved that they will tell the world something as stupid as diverting supplies man power resources away from the war thats being waged to help israels enemies because whether you love or hate the jews they are always the first people who come to mind with regard to everything…bullshit these people are so petty and self important that they make syria’s will to kill israel stronger than their will to fight and survive for syria. they are children petty stupid demanding crying and whining non stop and they think that everyone existence revolves around them.

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